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Digital media – On the consumer’s terms | Mediavision | Affärsutveckling och strategi för medieindustrin

Digital media – On the consumer’s terms

It is known that markets in change make for both challenges and opportunities. The media industry is no exception. Here, every strategic decision is based on the insight that the consumers’ power has increased dramatically. To be able to choose when and what to consume, block ads, consume pirated content or free courses from the world’s most prestigious universities are just some examples of this power. Actors face these challenges alongside both new and disruptive business models, and effects of an increased globalization.

However, the opportunities are bigger than the threats – for those willing to reposition themselves and meet the new demands. The conclusion is that innovation and business development are the most important factors for success here & now, in a world where the consumer has gone from passive recipient to queen (or king).

Mediavision follows and analyzes media habits for business development insight, for example:

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