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Mediavision sports analysis 2018 | Mediavision | Affärsutveckling och strategi för medieindustrin

Mediavision sports analysis 2018

Mediavision sports analysis 2018

Sports is one of the most important and vital content genres in broadcast and online. The cost of sports rights has been increasing steadily over the last years, explained by its unique value. The uniqueness of the sports value is also the reason for “new” actors flocking to the market; for instance, social media actors buying football rights or sports rights owners starting direct-to-consumer services themselves. Competition over premium sports rights is fierce, driven by a high consumer loyalty and willingness to pay.

Industry overview and in-depth market insights

How many explicitly pay for premium sports and how much? Who are they – are there any differences between traditional pay TV and SVOD consumer groups? Which leagues or tournaments attract the highest interest and/or largest subscriber bases. How sensitive are consumers to hypothetical price changes – i.e. how many would stay or leave following a change in price.

  • General viewing sports
  • Premium sports – consumption and rights
  • Rights specific power cards

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