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Nordic E-sports & Gaming Insight 2018/2019 | Mediavision | Affärsutveckling och strategi för medieindustrin

Nordic E-sports & Gaming Insight 2018/2019

As one of the fastest growing niches on the digital media market, e-sports and gaming continue to attract an increasing amount of consumers, actors and investors throughout the Nordics. Top tier football leagues in both Sweden and Denmark (Allsvenskan and Superliga) join the EA Sports FIFA esports expansion. In addition, the world’s largest Dota 2 tournament The International, with historical prize pools of more than 34 MUSD, will take place in Stockholm, 2020.

Following up on last year’s analysis, Nordic E-sports & Gaming Insight 2018/2019 provides a wide variety of insights on industry KPIs, through a Nordic market perspective. Who is the Nordic e-sports and gaming viewer? What are their main characteristics/ attractiveness to advertisers/sponsors? How often and what types of content do they watch? To what degree and for what are they willing to pay?

Understanding the Nordic E-sports and Gaming Consumers and Market

Unique insights from a Nordic perspective (DK, FI, NO & SE)

  • Overall reach, frequency and viewing time, demographics, services and devices
  • Degree of payment
  • Consumer interest in leagues, tournaments and events; by franchise and 3rd party organizers

Sweden specifics

  • Genres preferences and overlap
  • League and event evaluation; which are fans most keen to spend money on?
  • Willingness to pay for additional service functionality

The analysis also provides a comprehensive overview of prominent actors and market events.

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The basis of the analysis consists of data from nearly 7,000 interviews with 15-74 year olds across Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

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