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Nordic Video Insight | Mediavision | Affärsutveckling och strategi för medieindustrin

Nordic Video Insight

”Nordic Video Insight” is an ongoing analysis of the Nordic video market. Mediavision has followed the entire Nordic market since 2011 with a focus on consumer changes and its consequences for the industry and its actors. The analysis rests on four main pillars:

  • Market outlook: GDP growth, CCI, ad market, distribution
  • Infrastructure: Take up and projection of infrastructure and devices (e.g. tablet, smart-TV, media center)
  • Consumer Insight: Traditional TV and OTT: Reach, viewing time, SOV, channels/services, genres, screens illegal consumption, adblocking
  • Pay TV: Traditional pay TV, TVE, SVOD, and TVOD; Household penetration, churn risk, household spend on TV and video, attitudes, drivers, and satisfaction.

Mediavision compiles the report semi-annually in the analysis subscription Nordic Video Insight. The report is written in English.