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Swedish Gambling Insight | Mediavision | Affärsutveckling och strategi för medieindustrin

Swedish Gambling Insight

Since 2015, Mediavision has surveyed the Swedish public on behavior and relations towards gambling and the gambling industry. In short, the purpose is to offer the most comprehensive and well-informed insights as a tool for decision-makers on the Swedish gambling market. Mediavision tracks, among other areas, the following:


  • Gambling: Reach, frequencies and expenditure
  • Overlap & segments: Gambling types, actors/brands, platforms, etc.
  • Live gambling, bonuses, driving forces & attitudes towards gambling
  • Transformation offline to online: Share online, share mobile

Actors & market

  • Market shares: Revenue and active players (Swedish/non-Swedish licensees)
  • Key breakdowns per actor, e.g. Loyalty, ARPU, customer segmentation, etc.
  • Customer stock analysis: Overlap gambling types (e.g. Sports betting/casino), etc.
  • TV advertising investments in relation to gambling

The report is produced semi-annually, in order to ensure reliable results and yet staying up-to-date on the most recent happenings and developments. The basis of each report consists of data from nearly 6,000 interviews with 18-74 year-olds. The report is also available in an expanded form, also covering the overall development on the Swedish TV/video market (consumer and ad markets) and the link between gambling and video consumption.