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Swedish Gambling Market 2017 | Mediavision | Affärsutveckling och strategi för medieindustrin

Swedish Gambling Market 2017

2017 will go to history as one of the most eventful years that the Swedish gambling market has ever experienced. Primarily, this is due to the governmental inquiry that was presented March 31, including recommendations for a future market regulation, opening up for actors to obtain a license for the Swedish market. 2017 also saw several company acquisitions and mergers as gambling operators try to position themselves ahead of the suggested reregulation.


Mediavision’s annual analysis of the Swedish gambling market in 2017 is free of charge and covers a range of topics and several key areas of the industry, including:


Consumer behavior

Reach, frequency, spend

Live betting/casino, devices and consumer attitudes

Gambling forms and brands


Actors & Market

Turnover figures, aggregated and per gambling form

Brand loyalty, share of wallet and monthly deposits

Market shares, Sweden-regulated vs non-Sweden regulated operators


The analysis is based in part on Mediavision’s proprietary consumer data, based on 9,757 online interviews conducted among 18-74 year-olds between January and October in 2017, and a similar sample size from 2016. Public data available at the time of publication (December 2017) have also been used extensively.