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Swedish TV Market 2017/2018 | Mediavision | Affärsutveckling och strategi för medieindustrin

Swedish TV Market 2017/2018

Competition and polarization

The shift from broadcast TV to online is accelerating. Changing viewing behavior and new ways to subscribe are altering industry conditions, with tangible consequences on the market and its actors. In addition, the influence of global media companies is increasing, most recently with Amazon’s entry on the Swedish market. Market supply and consumer demand have never been higher – but an increasingly polarized and globalized TV market also lead to many questions.

  • Consumption: Developments and trends?
    • What effects from increasingly polarized viewing patterns?
    • Who demands what – and what are the consequences?
    • How is consumption distributed between broadcast TV and OTT?
  • Market: Winners and losers – how do locals measure against globals?
    • Business models & strategies – Production, broadcasters, operators
    • Traditional and online revenues – ad, pay

Basic facts and key figures:

  • Key figures of the overall TV industry – per sub-market and actor
  • Trad TV – Market shares, turnover & projection 2017, content production, channels, distribution
  • OTT – Actors, turnover & projection 2017 (SVOD & AVOD), subscribers, share of viewing
  • Consumer insight – Target audiences, genres, trends & viewing projection 2017 (broadcast, OTT)

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