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The Inventory Insight | Mediavision | Affärsutveckling och strategi för medieindustrin

The Inventory Insight

The Nordic streaming market is becoming increasingly competitive and consumers’ expectations on content is rising. In order for actors to get a better grasp of the increasingly sophisticated market, Mediavision is launching The Inventory Insight, a data driven content analysis encompassing OTT-services in Scandinavia (AVOD, PS, SVOD, and TVOD).

  • Data driven; algorithms which continuously scan content on each respective service.
  • Format, genre, air times, country and year of production, language, IMDB-rating, director, actors, production company and more.
  • Analysis and breakdowns on aggregated as well as actor level.
  • Customized analysis possible through own data access (i.e. segmentation and analysis of titles in raw data).


In The Inventory Insight, Mediavision summarizes development quarterly on each market (Denmark, Norway, Sweden). The service consists of analysis as well as raw data in Excel.