Swedish OTT market in focus at Mediavisions breakfast seminar

26 January 2018

Daily OTT reach in Sweden (15-74 y/o)

The Swedish OTT market 2017-2018 was discussed on the Mediavision breakfast seminar in Stockholm wednesday (January 24)th,.

As we have reported earlier, OTT has grown considerably over the last years. One of the main driving forces is high quality content. Mediavision can now conclude that Q4 2017 daily OTT reach (15-74-year olds) has reached a level of 43%.  There are also clear indications that the market is maturing; audiences are getting a little older and consume a somewhat wider range of content. Global giants still dominate both AVOD and SVOD. Mediavision predicts that 2018b will be yet another strong year for OTT, with even tougher competition (in an already quite tough market).

For the local OTT services, run by owners such as e g Bonnier, MTG and SVT, one of the big questions is how to respond to the pressure from the American streaming companies and their enormous content budgets. Netflix said in its’ Q4 report on Monday, that it added a record breaking 8.3 million new subscribers globally, allowing an even higher content spend this year (approx. 8 bn USD). Clearly, the locals’ need to differentiate and spend their money wisely.

In order to support its’ clients in this work, Mediavision – in collaboration with Playpilot – yesterday announced a new quarterly analysis The Inventory Insight. It is a data driven content analysis focusing on the supply side of all major OTT services in the Nordics.

The breakfast seminar also catered for a panel discussion looking at 2018. Lena Glaser, programming director at SVT, Mathias Berg, operative manager at Bonnier Broadcasting, Fredrik Ljungberg, programming director at Viaplay, all gave their views on the challenges of being a local service in a highly competitive market. The panel agreed that local content, local language and local presence are key assets. And, according to the panelists, having a linear TV business is still very important.

Fore more information, contact Sixten Ekström, communicator at Mediavision.