Lowered digital VAT & the re-regulated gambling market

27 February 2019

The Swedish government has decided to lower the VAT (Value Added Tax) for digital newspapers, magazines and books from 25 to 6 percent. This has long been a demanded change, especially from Swedish news media companies. This week we’re also taking a look at gambling advertising in Sweden – a heavily debated subject since it has increased significantly following the market re-regulation.

On July 1st, VAT for digital newspapers, magazines and books will be lowered to 6 percent in Sweden, equivalent to the tax of their physical counterparts. Local media reacted very positively to the news while audiobook streaming service Storytel’s stock jumped 6 percent.

Digital subscription services affected by the change, such as Readly and Storytel, hope to be strengthened in a fierce battle over the consumers. 80% of Swedish households subscribe to at least one digital media service as of today. With Spotify as a locomotive, streaming audio subscriptions reach well above 60% in household penetration. Video streaming has a subscription level of 50% while text sits at close to 30%. Video today attains the highest share of consumers media wallet.

Household penetration of media subscription services, Sweden, Q3 2018 (%)Sweden’s re-regulated gambling market

Since the re-regulation of the Swedish gambling market, 69 companies have acquired a Swedish license. Prior to the re-regulation, gambling actors significantly increased their advertising spend. The general perception was that a temporary fight over market shares was driving the advertising to new heights, and that “normal” levels were to be expected again once the new legislation was implemented. However, we haven’t seen advertising slow down yet – au contraire. All Swedish commercial TV broadcasters have actually increased their amount of gambling ads, as all licensed companies now are free to advertise in Swedish media.

Gambling ads share of total delivered TRPs per channel house, January 2018 vs January 2019 (%)
Sweden’s minister of public administration Ardalan Shekarabi calls for change and vows the gambling actors to come up with a sustainable solution. For comparison, Italy recently implemented a total ban on all forms of gambling ads, and in the UK self-regulatory measures have been implemented. Where is the Swedish market heading? Read the full post on our blog.

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