Danish football rights, FIFA World Cup & public service proposition

19 June 2019

This week we’re zooming in on football as NENT Group and Discovery secured rights to Danish top football league Superligaen and with the FIFA Women’s World Cup in full swing. Additionally, the Swedish government presented its new public service proposition – suggesting a bigger focus on digital public service efforts.

Broadcast rights for Denmark’s highest football league, Superligaen, were recently renewed for the period 2021-2024. Ownership however unchanged, as NENT and Discovery defend their current shared right. National tier one sports, and Superligaen in particular, are highly commercially interesting rights. Mediavision follows the Nordic sports market closely. Recent findings show that approx. 10% of Danes 15-74 have an explicit viewing interest in the Danish Superligaen – on par with international majors such as Champions and Premier League, but at a much lower price. Mediavision is soon to release an analysis of the 32 biggest sports rights in the Nordics (consumer interest, price sensitivity, overall importance etc). Contact us for more details.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup kicked off on June 7th and is now in full swing in France. In terms of TV ratings, major sports events have always had a good impact, thereby counteracting an overall negative trend in traditional TV viewing. Ratings in Sweden and Norway are good; Sweden’s premiere game attained almost the same viewing as the opening four years ago (in Canada). Both then and now hosted by Swedish TV4. Norway’s premiere game (TV2) attained an approx. rating of 12%. Meanwhile, Denmark’s absence from the WC is reflected in low viewing (the game between Norway and France at a approx. 2%). Global interest in women’s football is high with several new viewing records.

Women’s FIFA WC approximate live ratings (%) in population, Denmark, Norway & Sweden
Swedish government presents public service proposition

On July 10th the Swedish government presented its public service proposition, consisting of new licensing conditions for the public service companies (Sveriges Radio, Sveriges Television & Sveriges Utbildningsradio). Comparing the Nordic countries, Norway has the highest public service revenue per individual (15-74 y/o), and Sweden the lowest (however, the largest country in terms of population). Much is status quo, with some exceptions. Online platforms are now to be included in the core business which points at an increased focus on digital public service efforts. Another change is that from 2023, digital content will be subject to the same overall conditions as broadcasting, which is an adjustment requiring that the fundamental law on freedom of expression is revised. Consequently, the Swedish Broadcasting Commission will be allowed to review content on digital platforms.

Public service revenue per individual (15-74 y/o) and country, Nordics (SEK)

Mediavision blogs:

Who will win the Nordic streaming war?
Competition on the Nordic streaming market is ramping up with several new services about to launch. Content investments are escalating and only partly offset by price increases. In the US, Netflix recently announced +13-18% on subscription fees.

Mediavision press releases:

10 million streaming subscriptions in the Nordics
Streaming video continues to grow rapidly in the Nordics, Mediavision concludes in its recently published analysis on the Nordic TV and video market. An increasing number of consumers subscribe […].

Industry news:

The broadcasting rights for Denmark’s top football league Superligaen were recently renewed for the 2021-2024 seasons. NENT Group and Discovery defends their currently shared right running until 2021.
In its annual report “This year, next year” Group M predicts the overall global ad spend to slow down during 2019. However, Group M notes that global digital ad investments will capture 50% of budgets by 2020.
Facebook has confirmed the launch of a crypto currency called Libra during the first half of 2020. Facebook has set up a daughter company which will digital wallets to be used in conjunction with Libra.
Storytel is launching in Germany, the audiobook service now has a presence on 17 markets. The German audiobook market is valued at €180 million, corresponding to roughly SEK1.9 billion.
Amazon-owned Twitch has acquired the social network Bebo in a $25 million deal following a small bidding war versus the gaming chat app Discord. Bebo was once the largest social network in the UK.
ITV comedy drops all-male writing teams
ITV’s head of comedy states that she will no longer commission shows with all-male writing teams. Saskia Schuster took action following an audit revealing a significant lack of women in scripted commissions.

Mediavision in the news:

Streaming video continues to grow rapidly in the Nordics. Recent analysis by Mediavision on the Nordic TV and video market shows a year-on-year increase on households with an SVoD service.

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