Newsletter 23rd of September: More than 4 Million in the Nordics with an Expressed Interest in Watching Sports


23 September 2020

Like most other media activities, sports have been under pressure in 2020 – not only due to covid-19, but also from a rights perspective. Luckily and to the great joy of the Nordic sports fans, leagues and tournaments have been able to resume to play and announce winners of the spring seasons. Several major sports rights have been renegotiated and some will end up with new owners. Mediavision reveals new findings from its 2020 Nordic Sports Analysis.

Sports is an exceptionally strong content genre, both in broadcast and streaming. Being one of the main pillars both for pay and free TV, sports have the power to attract large audiences and a loyal subscriber base. As Mediavision has previously reported, the past year has resulted in major shifts on the Nordic sports rights market – including the Champions League rights being acquired by Telia in Sweden and Finland while TV2 Norway secured the Norwegian rights, NENT securing pan-Nordic rights to both Formula 1 and the Premier League, and TV 2 DK scoring the Danish rights to Europa League.

Mediavision’s Nordic Sports Analysis 2020 concludes that both consumer interest and willingness to pay for sports is high in this region. Well above 4 million 15-74-year-olds in the Nordics have an explicit interest in watching sports online or via broadcast and the clear majority of those explicitly pay to do so.

In Denmark, football is uniquely strong and holds the top-3 positions: Champion League, Superligaen and Premier League gather the highest total interest of all compared leagues and tournaments. On the Norwegian market, Premier League is uniquely strong (in Nordic comparison), attracting more interest, a higher payrate and being preferred to a higher degree than any other league, including the Champions League and the World Cup in cross country skiing.

In Finland, the pay rate for sports is lower in general. This is probably good for the actors now pushing pay services. Simply, the market hasn’t reached the same maturity. Another difference between Finland and the other Nordic countries is the – since long – strong interest in ice hockey and Formula 1. The latter actually being the single league with the highest share of, and the most paying, viewers.

Also in Sweden, ice hockey, and especially the domestic league SHL, ranks high. Although retaining slightly less interest then the top domestic league in football, Allsvenskan, SHL have a higher payrate, and generates a larger subscriber base. Football gets the top two positions thanks to Premier League and Champions League. And maybe not a surprise, the overlap in interest between the two is significant. CL will move from NENT to Telia in autumn 2021, perhaps affecting the total pay rate for these two leagues.


Industry News

TV 2 Play DK Partners with Coop

In an effort to reach new consumer segments, danish TV 2 Play has entered a partnership with retail company Coop. Members registering for a new benefit program gains access to several streaming- and media platforms, TV 2 Play being one of them.

Danish Movie Wins Emmy-Awards

The Danish-Syrian documentary “The Cave” was awarded an Emmy for Best Documentary during the 2020 awards ceremony. The picture had previously received an award for Best Photography for a non-fiction program.

Nordisk Film in Deal with C More/MTV Finland

Nordisk Film and C More/ MTV Finland have entered an exclusive content distribution deal. All Finnish, Nordic and international films distributed in Finnish cinemas by Nordisk Film will now go straight to
C More’s streaming service and be available on MTV’s TV channels.

Schibsted’s Digital Revenues Doubled

Norwegian media actor Schibsted, publisher of VG, Aftenposten and Aftonbladet, now boasts 830 000 digital subscribers, according to new figures from the company. Hence, digital revenues for Schibsted has doubled in 3 years and now surpass 1 billion NOK.

TV2 Sumo Surpasses 500 000 Subscribers

Last Wednesday, TV 2 Sumo announced that it had passed 500 000 paying subscribers. Daily viewing time for Sumo increased from 111 minutes to 115 minutes in August, according to the company’s own sources. Part of the increase is related to Premier League.

Paradise Hotel only Available via OTT

This week, NENT Group’s popular reality game-show Paradise Hotel premiered its 13th season. As of this season, fans will only be able to view the show on Viafree and Viaplay, as the show is no longer broadcasted on linear TV.

Aftonbladet and Expressen Cooperates

Bonnier News and Schibsted is set to launch the common video initiative Aftonbladet TV and Expressen TV Video Impact. The platform will sell advertising space in weekly campaigns on both platforms.

IRM Adjusts Forecasts for 2020

Earlier this year, IRM estimated that media investments would drop by 13,3% in 2020, compared to 2019 – corresponding to a loss of 5,3 billion SEK. IRM has now adjusted its prognosis to a decline of 11%, or 4,4 billion SEK.

Discovery to Launch Streaming Service 2021

Discovery plans to launch a new streaming service branded as Discovery+ in early 2021. The service will feature an ad-supported and an ad-free tier. The ad-supported tier is said to carry a maximum of 5 minutes of ads per hour of content.

Trump Agrees to TikTok Deal

The American president has approved a deal in which Oracle will serve as a cloud service partner and a 7.5% minority stake owner in TikTok, in addition to Walmart entering a commercial partnership with the actor. Walmart CEO Doug McMillon will also join the TikTok board.

NBC Moves Premier League to Peacock

In a move to attract more subscribers to streaming service Peacock, NBCUniversal has transferred NBC Sports Gold’s Premier League Pass package to the service. The move is also intended to differentiate the platform from its many rivals.

Western Europe SVOD to Reach 101 MN

Accoring to recent forecasts made by Digital TV Research, the Western European SVOD-market will reach 101 million subscribers by 2025. If this happens, the number of subscribers would have more than doubled from the end of 2019.

Quibi Reportedly Exploring Sale

Due to poor subscriber uptake, Quibi is reportedly exploring a sale or going public through launching an IPO through a merger with a special purpose acquisition company. Mediavision concludes that Quibi has attracted very few subscribing households in Sweden since launch.

Mediavision in the News

Efter Disneys intåg: ”Aldrig bättre rustade”

Marie Nilsson, vd på Mediavision, tror att svenska tjänster kan stå starkt bland de utländska alternativen. ”Redan i dag har man i snitt 1,8 videotjänster per hushåll och jag tror att det kommer att öka ytterligare.”

Nent-chefen viftar bort hotet från Disney – ”Mest för barnfamiljer”

Dagen efter att Disney lanserat sin streamingtjänst Disney+ höjer Nent målet för Viaplay-abonnenter vid slutet av året med ytterligare 17 procent, för att bryta igenom 3-miljonersvallen redan i år.

Report: Spotify opposes Apple One

According to Mediavision’s newly published analysis Media & Markets, Spotify stands out as the most popular service in the Nordics. The company invests heavily in innovation projects.

Efter Apples drag: ”Kan ersätta Spotify”

Apples nya pakettjänst Apple one är ett hot mot Spotify – men inte mot Netflix. Den slutsatsen drar analytiker som SvD har talat med. Däremot spås ingen risk för ökad prispress på andra streamingtjänster.

Halv miljon har digital dagstidning

De digitala tidningsprenumerationerna ökar kraftigt. Men intäkterna ökar mindre – många är gratis när tidningarna gör allt för att locka till sig läsare.

TV4 fyller 30 år – och tvingas kämpa för livet

Sveriges största tv-kanal – men en lilleputt på ­efterkälken i det digitala streamingracet. När TV4 fyller 30 år finns det skäl att både fira framgången och frukta framtiden.

Swedish online video hits new highs in Q2

The number of people that view streamed content on an average day in Sweden has never been higher and has a reached a point, says research firm Mediavision, where the country can be categorised as having entered a completely digital TV-market.

Över 500 000 hushåll prenumererar på dagstidning

Över en halv miljon, närmare bestämt 540 000, svenska hushåll prenumererar digitalt på en dagstidning, rapporterar TT och hänvisar till en analys av Mediavision.

Daily press digital subscriptions up 40%

According to a Mediavision analysis of the Swedish market for daily press, consumer behaviour has changed radically in the past year. 540 000 households now subscribe to a digital daily newspaper, which is 160 000 – or 40 per cent – more than 12 months ago.

Disney tar plats i kampen om tv-tittarna

Konkurrensen om tv-tittarnas tid och pengar är redan stenhård. Och nu kommer storspelaren Disney plus. – Det mesta talar för att de kommer att ha en stor inverkan på den nordiska mediemarknaden, säger Marie Nilsson, vd för analysföretaget Mediavision.

Tv-striden hårdnar – nu kommer Disney till Sverige

På tisdag kommer Disney+ till Sverige. Med den omskrivna streamingtjänsten följer en enorm katalog av filmer, men lanseringen har också kantats av kritik och kontroverser.

Sverige strömmar tv som aldrig förr

Coronautbrottet har fått svenskarna att titta på strömmad tv mer än någonsin tidigare. Under årets andra kvartal strömmade 66 procent av landets 15–74-åringar tv varje dag, visar nya siffror från analysföretaget Mediavision.

Sverige strömmar tv som aldrig förr

Coronautbrottet har fått svenskarna att titta på strömmad tv mer än någonsin tidigare. Under årets andra kvartal strömmade 66 procent av landets 15–74-åringar tv varje dag, visar nya siffror från analysföretaget Mediavision.

Swedish video streaming reaches new record

The streaming of online video sites in Sweden rose to a new record in the second quarter. Stockholm-based consultancy Mediavision says that during the quarter almost 70% of all 15-74-year-olds consumed streamed video content daily.

Sweden sets record for streaming in ‘completely digital TV market’

According to Mediavision, the number of people watching video streaming services in the country was at an all-time high with 66% of all people aged 15-74 consuming streaming content daily.

Sweden sees new streaming records

Streaming in Sweden rose to new record levels in the second quarter. Daily reach, i.e. the number of people that view streamed content an average day, has never been higher, reports Mediavision.