Stort konsumentintresse för snabbare bredband

25 June 2014

In spite of increased broadband speed households are showing strong willingness to pay for faster broadband. This is likely explained by increased online video consumption raising the need for a fast connection. 

25 percent of households with broadband are willing to pay for a faster broadband connection. Households with a moderately fast connection (10-99 Mbit/s) are the most willing to pay for increased speed.

However, households that already have a fast connection, 100 Mbit/s or greater, are also showing great interest in increased speed.

Mediavision has analyzed how consumption of online video affects interest for fast broadband. As one might expect the greatest interest in fast connection speed is found among subscribers of services like Netflix or Viaplay.

-Online video services are becoming increasingly advanced which drives performance requirements. More household members are watching simultaneously along with a demand for greater picture quality. We are not seeing an end to this development. The next step is ultra-HD becoming more common. This in turn will continue to drive the need for faster broadband, says Ingrid Salomonsson, senior analyst at Mediavision.

Mediavision continually follows the development of the digital media market.

Press release june 2014