Solid business decisions are based on a true understanding of both markets and consumers. Our wide-ranging and vast experience of analysing the Nordic media industry has rendered us market leading expertise.

As consultants we apply this expertise, in combination with our unique data, to answer specific questions posed by clients. We provide valuable strategic and commercial advice so that our clients can make smart business decisions. We assist in everything from forecasting to simply giving a “second opinion”.

Mediavision’s clients are telecom operators, media houses, investors, industry organizations and production companies among others. Our clients share a common need to understand their market and their customers.

These are some of the projects that we have worked with in recent years:

SVOD: Market estimates and forecasts

Media House: Scenario Analysis

Pay TV: Pricing and packaging analysis

Telecom Operator: Content analysis BSVOD

TVOD: Competitor Analysis

SVOD: Go-to-market strategy