Mediavision is market leading in data driven analysis of the Nordic media and telecom industry. Our unique data covers both actors and consumers. Since 1996, we have helped our clients to successfully navigate in the rapidly evolving Nordic media landscape. These are some of issues we address:

  • How are the different streaming services developing?
  • What actors take the largest market shares?
  • How do households allocate spend on media services?
  • Who are the most prominent actors in sports and fiction?

Most of our research is syndicated. We compile quarterly and biannual reports of the state of the media industry in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden. The analysis is based on consumer surveys and market intelligence. We also do commissioned work for business development, competitor analysis and commercial due diligence.

Mediavision’s consultants all share a common passion for media and an interest in market dynamics. We are economists, engineers, and marketers. Analysing data is our speciality and we dare say that we are the best in our field.


Mediavision follows the development in the Nordic media industry closely. Our unique database allows for our clients to track market progress and their own performance.

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Mediavision offers tailored business intelligence. Our insights derive from updated and proprietary data which allows for rapid and accurate resolutions.

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