Since the early 2000s, Mediavision has tracked the development of the Nordic media industry. We believe that recognizing and understanding the complex relationships in a market is essential in making strategic decisions. Therefore, we place emphasis on understanding the behaviour of both consumers and actors in the market.

Our unique data base allows for detailed analysis, comparisons, and benchmarks with reliable estimates and forecasts for the entire industry. Insights are compiled in comprehensive reports distributed quarterly or biannually with either Sweden or all of the Nordic countries.

Our analysis encompasses:

  • Access: Broadband, mobile telephony, and TV
  • Media: Audio, text and video
    – Streaming and traditional media
    – Paid and advertising supported media
  • Media spend



Mediavision Instans Insights is an online-based service that provides quick and valuable insights on demand. Access key figures and data from our comprehensive and recurring analyses of the Nordic media industry, including KPI:s for penetration, consumption, expenditure and actors.

The data provided in Instant Insight derives from our recurring consumer survey (Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden) with more than 20,000 Nordic interviews annually. The portal also contains data from external and public sources.

Contact us to learn more about Mediavision’s offer or to arrange for a demo of Instant Insights.