Swedish TV Market 2017/18 finns nu att beställa!

25 April 2017

Competition and polarization

The shift from traditional TV to online accelerates. Changes in viewing behaviour and new ways to subscribe are twisting the conditions, with tanglible consequenses on the market and its actors. In addition, the influence from the global media companies increases, now most recently with Amazon’s launch in Sweden. Supply and consumption have never been higher – but an increasingly polarized and global TV-market also involves many questions.

  • The consumption: Developments and trends?
    • What effects from increasingly polarized viewing patterns?
    • Who demands what – and what effects does it get?
    • How is the viewing allocated between broadcast-TV and OTT?
  • The market: Winners and loosers – how does local stands against global?
    • Business models and strategies – Production companies, broadcasters, operators
    • Digital incomes – ad, pay (traditional and online)

The analysis is adressing you who needs both an overview and details

Basic facts and key figures:

  • Collected key-figures of the TV-industry – per sub-market and player
  • Trad TV – Market shares, turnover & estimates 2017, content production, channels, distribution
  • OTT – Actors, turnover & estimates 2017 (SVOD & AVOD), subscibers, share of viewing
  • Consumer insights – Target audiences, genres, trends and viewing forecast 2017 (traditional TV, OTT)

How to order:

Price: 15 950 SEK including VAT
Visit the publication page or send an email to cecilia.nordstrand@mediavision.se

The analysis is written in English. Invoice and report with a personal watermark (PDF) are sent via email. Additional digital copies 1500 SEK + VAT.