Mediavision lanserar ny tjänst i samarbete med Playpilot

24 January 2018

Consultancy Mediavision has partnered with the company behind the video service Playpilot to launch new product The Inventory Insight all over the Nordics. The ever-increasing competition on the Nordic streaming market requires new insights.

Today, during Mediavision’s annual TV seminar, a new strategical collaboration between Mediavision and Playpilot is announced. The purpose of the collaboration is to be able to offer data-driven analysis on the supply side of content, i.e. an analysis that enables content comparisons across different services. On an increasingly competitive Nordic video market, the need for insights on how content correlates with customer satisfaction and retention has risen.

Therefore, Mediavision and Playpilot are jointly launching the new product The Inventory Insight, a quarterly analysis of the content supply of all major streaming services in the Nordics. Both local and global services are included in the analysis.

– Over the last couple of years we have seen an increasing demand of insights related to the deciding factors in which services customers ultimately choose to subscribe to, namely the content itself. Netflix, HBO and Amazon produce huge quantities of content while local actors have an increasingly hard time competing – they simply cannot keep up financially. Local actors have to spend their money wisely and outsmart the competition. This in turn requires rigorous analysis and high quality data. Together with Playpilot, we can offer just that, says Marie Nilsson, CEO of Mediavision.

Mediavision has carried out data-driven consulting and analysis on the Nordic TV market for more than 20 years, while Playpilot was founded in 2015. Playpilot is a free-to-use video service that lets users explore and search for content across all VOD services, through a single interface. This database is the foundation of the analysis product The Inventory Insight.

– We are really looking forward to releasing this product together with Mediavision. In-depth insights regarding what content is available on what service, and how it changes over time, is crucial in getting the most out of your content budget, says David Mühle, CEO of Playpilot.

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