Amerikanska streamingtjänster har 35 000 timmar innehåll på den svenska marknaden

9 March 2018

The Swedish streaming market is growing, and more and more players are establishing themselves in the region. The selection of content is large, especially of American TV shows and movies. The three major players Netflix, HBO Nordic and Amazon Prime Video together offers over 7,400 titles which equals 35,000 hours of content. The supply of content aimed at Swedish households is probably greater than ever.

The interest for online video and streaming services in Sweden continue to grow. In a recently published full-year analysis, Mediavision concludes that both consumption and spending on streaming services reached record levels during 2017.

While consumer interest in Sweden rises, a new wave of streaming services is hitting the market. Many of these services are more niched, aimed at specific target groups. Last week American NBC Universal streaming service Hayu launched in the region. Hayu offers reality shows with the Kardashians as its main attraction. But there are also other services targeting specific niches. A few examples are Cirkus TV, Viacoms Paramount+ and Bonniers Docma, the latter a streaming service for documentaries.

But the true giants of the market are without a doubt the American companies with Netflix and Amazon at the forefront. Their content libraries are large and diverse, with both series and movies. Amazon Prime Video holds the biggest library on the Swedish market with over 3,700 titles. However, the consumption of Amazon’s content is still very limited and has yet to take off. For Netflix the opposite is true. In terms of supply and demand Netflix has clearly managed to achieve the best balance and Swedish consumers appreciate their content.

– Despite the huge content libraries among the SVOD giants, we still see several genres that haven’t yet made their way to the streaming audience. These “gaps” in the market open up for more niche content and services. Our take is that niche services will rise in popularity and drive consumption and growth in the coming years, says Marie Nilsson, CEO of Mediavision.