Newsletter January 16: Good ol’ Friends & ER turning 25, more popular than ever on increasingly crowded streaming market

16 January 2019

The iconic sitcom Friends and George Clooney’s breakthrough drama ER are turning 25. Despite their age, shows like these have proven crucial in building customer loyalty, especially so in the streaming business. As several actors (e g WarnerMedia, Disney & NBCUniversal) are gearing up to launch new streaming services, cult shows like these will likely gain in power. They attract and retain subscribers – and they build great libraries. Eventually, the likes of Netflix (etc) will have to fill the void with something else.

Losing out on Friends, with its 10 seasons and 235 episodes, would hardly make a dent in Netflix vast library of content. Focusing on the Scandinavian Netflix library with Norway as our reference, and excluding movies, the total runtime of shows sums up to about 15,700 hours. This means that Friends make up about 1% of the total library in runtime. However, looking at recent figures on viewing, Friends is one of the most watched shows on the service. Consequently, the show is very important to retain subscribers – much more so than its’ share of runtime indicates.

Share of total runtime (shows) and runtime of Friends on Netflix, Norway, Q3 2018
In the US, Friends is the second most watched Netflix show (after the US version of The Office). Also, other popular shows on the SVOD service are rumored to be removed, as rights owners/competitors are planning to launch their own streaming services. It would be a real headache for Netflix if more loyalty-creating programs were to move elsewhere. The importance of these shows was recently proven by Netflix making a 100-million-dollar-deal to keep Friends in its library throughout 2019. So obviously, these 25-year-olds’ are still highly valued. The recipe for success in the SVOD business seems to be a combination of big-budget originals (promoting brand and image) and large libraries of well-known and loved content. An illustrative example is Hulu – when it published ER in 2017/2018, some 35,000 people watched every single one of the 331 episodes.

Both Disney and WarnerMedia are set to launch their respective streaming services in 2019 and will likely move content from Netflix in the process. Furthermore, NBC Universal announced plans on rolling out a streaming service in 2020. The market is becoming more crowded and we are happy to follow this development together with all of our readers. Surely, exciting times are ahead.

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