Populära titlar har stor betydelse för streamingtjänster

4 September 2019

Streaming services have become very popular in Sweden. Naturally, one of the reasons is the vast supply on offer. But its not just a question of volume. A single title can greatly impact interest and subscriptions numbers of a service. This was especially apparent during Q2 when HBO Nordic saw an increase in subscribers as a result of several strong titles. Mediavision conclude in its quarterly analysis that thanks to content like Game of Thrones, HBO Nordic displayed the greatest growth of all services in Sweden this spring.

High-quality streaming content is much appreciated, especially series and movies. The second quarter of the year is no exception, and in terms of growth HBO Nordic was the frontrunner. HBO grew its subscriptions by nearly 50% compared to Q2 last year, which corresponds to an increase of roughly 200.000 households. It is Mediavision’s opinion that the rapid growth corresponds to HBO’s high-profile title launches during Q2 such as newly released seasons of Big Little Lies, The Handmaid’s Tale and, last but not least, Game of Thrones. But also, the new mini-series Chernobyl which was greatly received by consumers and critics.

Paying subscribers per service, Sweden Q2 2019 (15-74 y/o)

But it’s not just the global giants that are upping their content investments. Nordic actors must go big in order to keep up with the rapid development. In Sweden both C More and Viaplay have launched several new drama series as well as new seasons of previous productions. Viaplay’s parent company NENT Group have stated that six more original productions will be launched during 2019.

– The importance of strong titles is very apparent during Q2. Titles such as Chernobyl, Game of Thrones and The Handmaid’s Tale boosts HBO Nordic to a new record level in Sweden. But we’re also seeing great viewer interest in local content. Including content produced by Nordic actors and content such as Netflix Swedish original series “Störst av allt” which is produced by the Swedish production company FLX for Netflix. Our analysis is that growth is to a high degree decided by content, both its quality and quantity. Moreover, the value of strong titles will likely increase even further looking forward. The battle for new subscribers is about to intensify as Disney and Apple are about to enter the market, also in Sweden, and will thereby further fuel the streaming market, says Marie Nilsson, CEO Mediavision.