Newsletter 18th of December: Mediavision’s Ultimate Christmas Watchlist


18 December 2019

Hold on! There is only a few days left at the office before the holiday vacation, soon this entire decade has arrived at its final destination Hopefully you all finish off with a spectacular Christmas party, maybe you find inspiration in The Office´s celebrations being so extraordinarily hearty National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation should be enjoyed, in order to prepare and prevent anybody from being annoyed As the holiday proceeds there’s bound to be some mishaps, perhaps, someone will consume one to many schnapps? Hopefully you only encounter Bad Santa on the screen, laughing and resting after a massive intake of Christmas cuisine While the grownups take care of the last dishes, the kids watch Home Alone and regret adding their own house key to their wishes When the celebrations are over and we still haven´t seen any snow, His Dark Materials provide the proper winter feel and animated creatures with remarkable glow For those who hear the word “fantasy” and feel a bit sceptic, the freezing cold and crimes in Fargo instead do the trick A heated debate must be settled before the holiday has come to an end, hereby us at Mediavision our vote will send: “A Christmas movie” should be the description of Die Hard, Yes, we know, placing it in the same category as our new favourite Klaus´s is somewhat of a wildcard

Industry News

On Saturday, Walt Disney promoted their upcoming movie “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” in an innovative way by hosting an event in the popular game Fortnite. The movie premieres in the Nordics Dec 18th.
Following a new deal, the Canal+ Group will be the sole distributor of Disney+ in France. Additionally, they will continue to hold exclusive rights to Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucas Film and 20th Century Fox movies as well as the Disney channels.
In the UK, BT sports has decided to offer a new, more flexible subscription plan, which will allow consumers to subscribe to their channel one month at a time. The monthly pass further includes content access through their app and other compatible devices.
In 2020, an original documentary will premiere on Hulu, following the Swedish 16-year old climate activist Greta Thunberg. The documentary is produced by B-Reel Films and follows Greta from the very beginning of her school strike in Stockholm.
For the first time, Netflix published their quarterly results (Q3), divided on a region by region basis, communicating their pace of expansion in different regions. The data show solid growth of Netflix´s subscriber base outside the US, in the European and Asia-Pacific regions.
Further easing the process of streaming illegal videos, The Pirate Bay has launched a streaming service. The service, called Bay Stream, allows viewers to skip the downloading and stream content directly. It offers content currently available on legitimate platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+.

Mediavision Press Releases

Danske operatører har ny rekord i streaming Stadig flere husstande i Danmark abonnerer på streamingtjenester. Aktuelt drives væksten hovedsageligt af TV-operatørerne, dvs. aktører som Yousee, Stofa og Boxer. Aktuelt køber næsten 15 % af husstandene i Danmark streamingabonnementer via en operatør.
Suomessa katsotaan ennätyspaljon nettivideoita
Nettivideoiden katselussa tehtiin uusi ennätys Suomessa vuonna 2019. Keskimääräisen päivän kuluessa miltei 60% ihmisitä katsoo jonkinlaista nettivideota, mikä tarkoittaa, että Suomessa päivittäiskatselu on nyt samalla tasolla kuin muissa Pohjoismaissa.  
Norske husholdninger har de høyeste utgiftene for TV og strømming i Norden
Strømmetjenestene er veldig populære i Norge, og de fortsetter å vokse. Samtidig befester tradisjonell betal-TV sin sterke posisjon. 

Mediavision in the News

Lyssna är det nya läsa. När 10-talet går mot sitt slut är nästan hälften av all konsumerad litteratur digital. Hur förändrar utvecklingen boklandskapet? GP möter litteraturens nya stjärnor – inläsarna.
Swedish consultancy Mediavision said Netflix remains the leading subscription video on demand (SVoD) provider in the Nordic region and now has 4 million subscribers there, up by 15 percent YOY.
Ifølge svensk analyseselskab har Netflix lagt 15 pct. til abonnementsskaren det seneste år. Men markedslederen er vokset mindre end en række nationale og regionale tjenester.
The Nordic region’s love of streaming services shows no sign of abating. Media consultancy Mediavision says 4 million subscribers now take the world’s leading streaming service, despite the arrival of several local rivals.
Man kunne let forledes til at tro at de største streamere er størrelser som Netflix og Viaplay. Det er ikke tilfældet. De store streamere hedder derimod YouSee, Stofa og Boxer.