Newsletter 9th of December: Denmark – The Front Runner in the Nordic Video Transformation


9 December 2020

Over the last decade, Nordic TV viewers have increasingly moved away from traditional TV. Briefly summarising these last ten years, Denmark seems to have come the furthest in this digital transformation.

Declining traditional TV viewing is a persistent and long-term trend in the Nordics. Although the pandemic has somewhat slowed down the pace, there is no doubt that the decline continues. In Denmark, Q3 2020 does not deviate from the trend. Denmark is the only Nordic country where traditional viewing continuous to decrease across the board (i.e. age groups). The year-on-year decline in daily viewing minutes amounts to -7%. For the other Nordic countries, the YOY change range between -2% and +3%.

Another sign of the strong Danish transformation is that a relatively larger share of households now has replaced traditional pay TV with SVOD. The other Nordic countries are a little behind. One contributing factor to this may be the earlier dispute between pay TV operator Yousee and Discovery, which negatively affected the penetration of traditional pay TV. This seems to have spurred the appetite for streaming and pushed transformation forward.

In Mediavisions Fall 2020 analysis, we conclude that 20% of the Danish households today are SVOD-only; i.e. only subscribing to SVOD without paying for any traditional pay channel. The average for the other Nordic countries is significantly lower. Likely, this is also accelerated by numerous operator initiatives – so called buy-through SVOD (BSVOD). The largest telco TDC – with brands such as Yousee and Telmore – was actually one of the first Nordic operator to offer Netflix as part of its bundling. And speaking of Netflix, Denmark is also the Nordic country where Netflix grew most in terms of new subscribers YOY (Q3 20 vs Q3 19), +20%, and thereby pulling ahead of Norway. Last but not least, Danish churn intentions are lower in multi-SVOD households compared to the other Nordic countries. Why? Mediavision analysis points at a strong presence of operator packages, building a relatively higher stacking factor (i.e. households with +1 subscription).

Industry News

Finnish Parliament Proposes Ban 

The Finnish Parliament has passed a proposal to exclude Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE from tendering telecoms bids, among other measures, citing national security concerns and competition benefits.

Google Pushes for Audio Books

Google Play, working with publishers in the US and the UK, will use auto-generated narrators to narrate books without audio versions to be available in the Play Store. The publisher tool to create auto-narrated audiobooks, currently in beta, will roll out in early 2021.

Berlingske Paid 3 million DKK for Loud

On November 1st, Berlingske Media acquired a 40% ownership stake in Kulturradio Danmark, the parent company of audio-actor Loud. Recent statement from the CEO of Berlingske disclosed that the acquisition, combined with a capital injection, amounted to a cost over 3 million.

Danish Finance Act Support Cinemas

In Denmark, Cinemas are among the beneficiaries in a section of the Finance Act for 2021. The agreement between the political parties entails a tax exemption for employers when purchasing gift certificates to theatres (among others) of a value up to 1200 DKK.

“Estonia: The Last Wave” Next Viaplay Original

Scandinavian Content Group in association with ITV Studios will produce the next Viaplay original series “Estonia: The Last Wave”, an international drama series. NENT Group is set to premiere at least 40 original productions in 2021.

Swedish Media Investments Grew in Nov

According to the Media Agency Barometer, Swedish media investments rose by 11% in November compared to the same period in 2019 (except for one more invoicing day in 2020). In total, media purchases landed at almost SEK 1.5 billion.

Warner Media's New Strategy Criticized

The Independent Cinema Alliance, a volunteer alliance of independent cinemas in North America, has reacted to Warner Media’s new strategy to release its 2021 film slate simultaneously on HBO Max and in theatres – calling on the studio to recommit to theatrical exclusivity.

Mediavision in the News

Nordic streaming market is about to hit 14 million subscriptions

In the past 12 months, Nordic households have signed up for close to 3 million additional streaming subscriptions, as concluded in a newly released analysis of the Nordic TV- and streaming market.

Stadig flere strømmer film og TV-serier i hele Norden

I løpet av det siste året har det blitt opprettet 3 millioner nye strømmeabonnement i Norden. I alt utgjør det nordiske markedet nå 13,6 millioner abonnement.

Nordic streaming market expands by 3 mln subscriptions in 2020 with Disney+ main gainer

Swedish consultancy Mediavision said that in the past twelve months, Nordic households have signed up for almost 3 million more streaming subscriptions.

Suoratoistopalvelut kasvavat ripeästi Pohjoismaissa, moni kotitalous tilaa useampaa palvelua – kotitaloudet satsaavat noin 19 euroa kuussa

Nordic streaming shows gap between content supply and demand

Research from Mediavision is warning that today’s consumers of Nordic video streaming services are not finding the content that they actually want.

Nordbor köper allt fler abonnemang för strömmad tv

Strömmad tv är fortsatt populärt i Norden, där användarna nu börjar köpa på sig flera abonnemang. Hösten 2020 betalar hushållen cirka 200 kronor i månaden för i genomsnitt 2,1 tjänster.

Stark streamingtillväxt i Norden: Närmare 14 miljoner abonnemang tecknade

Nu har hushållen i Norden totalt tecknat närmare 14 miljoner streamingabonnemang, enligt statistik från analysföretaget Mediavision. Störst tillväxt har nylanserade Disney+ haft under hösten.

Nordiska hushåll har skaffat nära 3 miljoner streamingabonnemang senaste året

Hushåll i Norden har under de senaste 12 månaderna skaffat närmare 3 miljoner streamingabonnemang ytterligare. Totalt uppgår den nordiska marknaden till 13,6 miljoner abonnemang.

Nordiska hushåll har skaffat nära 3 miljoner streamingabonnemang senaste året

Hushåll i Norden har under de senaste 12 månaderna skaffat närmare 3 miljoner streamingabonnemang ytterligare. Totalt uppgår den nordiska marknaden till 13,6 miljoner abonnemang.

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