Mediavision: Nordiska medieutgifter stabila, trots pandemin

Mediavision har nu publicerat analysen av den nordiska mediemarknadens utveckling under pandemiåret 2020. Mediavision konstaterar att Covid-19 hittills inte har haft någon påverkan på konsumenters betalning för media. Ett genomsnittligt…


Newsletter 21st of December: This is What the Nordic Media Market Will Look Like

2020 is (finally) coming to an end. Many are longing for new and better times, and hopefully a lot healthier. In this year’s last newsletter, we are happy to present…


Newsletter 9th of December: Denmark – The Front Runner in the Nordic Video Transformation

Over the last decade, Nordic TV viewers have increasingly moved away from traditional TV. Briefly summarising these last ten years, Denmark seems to have come the furthest in this digital…


Newsletter 3rd of December: Do the Streaming Consumers Really Get What They Want?

Mediavision’s analysis of the interplay between content supply and demand shows a gap. Today’s consumers of video streaming services don’t really find what they want – or maybe the supply…


Mediavision – Nordisk streamingmarknad: Nära 14 miljoner abonnemang hösten 2020


Newsletter 25th of November: 2020: Tipping Point for US Streaming

The Annus Horribilis 2020 – certainly not only for the media industry – is soon coming to an end. We thought this might be a good time to list some…


Newsletter 18th of November: Are Podcast Listeners Ready for Walled Gardens?

Digital audio is booming, and podcast listening is the talk of the town right now. Payment rates for podcasts, however, are still low compared to other streaming services. According to…


Newsletter 11th of November: Sports Represents One Third of Revenues in Nordic Pay Market

The market for Nordic TV sports rights has been exciting all thru 2020, with several major rights being out for tender. This week, ice hockey and the UEFA European Championship…


Newsletter 5th of November: 2020: Year of Digital Newspaper Subscriptions

There is a Chinese proverb saying “may you live in interesting times”. This has certainly been the case for 2020. Unsurprisingly, this has also led to an increased interest in…


Newsletter 28th of October: Spotify Q3 Earnings Report – May Increased Competition Threaten Spotify’s Unique Position in the Nordics?

Industry Events Medientage: 28-30 October 2020, Munich, Germany American Film Market (AFM): 4-11 November 2020, Santa Monica, USA NEM: 9-11 December 2020, Zagreb, Croatia MWC Shanghai: 23-25 February 2021, Shanghai, China MWC Barcelona: 28…


Mediavision – Q3: 700 000 nya SVOD-abonnemang på ett år, Netflix tappar för första gången

Under det senaste året har hushållen i Sverige köpt ytterligare 700 000 nya s k SVOD-abonnemang. I det nyss avslutade Q3 nådde därmed de betalda videotjänsterna en ny rekordnivå efter…


Newsletter 21st of October: Impact of Covid-19 with Mixed Effects for Video Actors

Industry Events Medientage: 28-30 October 2020, Munich, Germany American Film Market (AFM): 4-11 November 2020, Santa Monica, USA NEM: 9-11 December 2020, Zagreb, Croatia MWC Shanghai: 23-25 February 2021, Shanghai, China MWC Barcelona: 28…

Mediavision söker junior analytiker/konsult


Newsletter 14th of October: Major Challenges for the Film Industry

MIPCOM: 12-15 October 2020, Cannes, France Broadband World Forum: 13-15 October 2020, Amsterdam, Netherlands Medientage: 28-30 October 2020, Munich, Germany American Film Market (AFM): 4-11 November 2020, Santa Monica, USA NEM: 9-11 December 2020,…


Mediavision – Q3: Hushållens medieutgifter stabiliseras, coronaeffekterna avtar

Mediavisions analys av hushållens utgifter för medietjänster visar på en stabilisering i tredje kvartalet, efter ett starkt coronapräglat Q2. Under våren noterades rekordhög tillväxt för videotjänsterna. Nu har nivåerna normaliserats.…


Newsletter 7th of October: Maturing Nordic Video Market – What’s Next?

The Nordic video market, likely one of Europe’s most evolved, shows clear signs of maturity. The online video market is still growing, but penetration is increasing at a slower pace…


Mediavision: Disneys streamingtjänst i rekordsnabb tillväxt

Den 15 september lanserades streamingtjänsten Disney+ i de nordiska länderna. Mediavision kan nu konstatera att ett stort antal hushåll har tecknat abonnemang och att tjänsten på kort tid etablerats på…


Newsletter 30th of September: High Churn Intentions for Audiobook Services – Free Trials Not Enough to Boost Penetration?

So far, generous free trials have been a common strategy for audiobook services to attract new subscribers. Looking at Q2, Mediavision can conclude that churn intentions remains high – and…


Newsletter 23rd of September: More than 4 Million in the Nordics with an Expressed Interest in Watching Sports

Like most other media activities, sports have been under pressure in 2020 – not only due to covid-19, but also from a rights perspective. Luckily and to the great joy…


Mediavision: Football Most Popular Sport and 3F Superligaen the Preferred League in Denmark


Newsletter 16th of September: Nordic Market Leader Spotify Opposes Competitor Apple’s New Move

Media consumption during the second quarter of 2020 reflects life during the pandemic; more time at home and increased spend on digital media. According to Mediavision’s newly published analysis Media…


Mediavision: Digitala dagstidningsprenumerationer ökar 40% – men många är gratis

I en färsk analys av svensk dagspress noterar Mediavision stora förändringar i konsumenternas beteenden det senaste året. 540 000 hushåll prenumererar nu på en digital dagstidning. Detta är en tillväxt…


Newsletter 9th of September: Market Leader Readly Ready for Nasdaq Stockholm

Since the launch in 2012, Swedish digital magazine subscription service Readly has attained the market leading position in Europe. The service is currently available in eight European markets, in addition…


Newsletter 2nd of September: News Consumption Surge During Pandemic

The media market has been affected by the pandemic in various ways. Increasing news consumption is one factor, another is consumers’ change of primary news source. Mediavision’s Q2 analysis takes…


Mediavision: Daglig räckvidd för streaming-tittande når nytt rekord i Q2


Newsletter 26th of August: Spike in Broadcast TV Viewing Driven by 60+

The pandemic has affected the media market in various ways. On the positive side stands broadcast TV, that sees an increased viewing in Q2 for the first time in five…


Newsletter 19th of August: Cinema Loss Became Streaming Gain During the Pandemic

This spring has brought about radical changes for close to all industries, following the pandemic. Media is no exception, with revenues clearly reflecting the shift in consumption. Maybe the most…


Newsletter 1st of July: Continued Growth of Operator’s TVE-services

TV Everywhere (TVE), i.e. services that mirror pay TV content online, has been a staple offering for some time now. The Nordic operators have been pushing consumer awareness of TVE…


Newsletter 23rd of June: Disney+ Launch Date Set for the Nordics – Close to 1.5 Million Households Plans to Subscribe

On Tuesday, Disney disclosed the launch date for Disney+ in the Nordics. The debut will be September 15th and Mediavision can reveal that the interest for the service is already…


Newsletter 20th of May: Sports Make Slow Return

Although athletes have been forced to take an involuntary break from the action on the field for the last couple of months, the world of sports media has been quite…


Mediavision: Spotify Twice as big as Apple Podcasts in the Nordics


Newsletter 13th of May: Audiobook Streaming with Increasing Revenues on Maturing Nordic Market

As expected, interest in audiobooks has increased during the first quarter. The pandemic has meant that many have remained socially distanced at home and the Nordic actors are now reporting a subscriber…


Newsletter 6th of May: 130 million Nordic Videos Illegally Consumed Each Year

Each year hundreds of millions of films and TV series are consumed illegally in the Nordics. Most of the titles are foreign, but a substantial share is local. Mediavision estimates…


Mediavision: Svenska hushåll lägger alltmer pengar på medietjänster i Q1 2020


Newsletter 29th of April: Spotify Shows Nordic Subscriber Growth in Q1

Expectations are high for Spotify’s Q1 earnings call today. Early reports state that music streaming has decreased globally amid the Corona pandemic, partly due to less commuting and music played in the…


Mediavision: Allt fler streamingabonnemang i svenska hushåll och stark tillväxt att vänta 2020


Newsletter 22nd of April: Netflix Strong Subscriber Growth, But Not in Sweden

According to Netflix, the streaming service acquired 15 million new subscribers in Q1 2020, where of 7 million in EMEA. Netflix now has almost 183 million subscribers on a global basis and…


Newsletter 15th of April: TVOD Increases as Theatrical Windows are Broken

The consequences of the Corona outbreak are substantial for almost all actors in the media industry. Very shortly, Mediavision will release the Nordic Q1 analyses and the impact of the…


Newsletter 8th of April: Happy Easter!


Newsletter 1st of April: Streaming Services – Corona Sweet & Salty

Video streaming services were initially thought to be one of very few industries to benefit from people spending more time at home. However, there are also negative effects and they…


Newsletter 25th of March: Swedes Turn to Public Service for News in Challenging Times

The media industry serves an important role in our society, especially in a crisis such as the pandemic we are battling right now. Perhaps the most important purpose is to…


Newsletter 18th of March: The Corona Outbreak Affects 3.5 M Nordic Premium Sports Subs

As sports-events continue to be postponed or cancelled in the wake of the Coronavirus, media actors have been quick to respond. Prices for premium streaming services have already been cut…


Newsletter 11th of March: Quibi – The Latest Innovation in the Battle Over Streaming Subscribers

The battle over consumers and market shares in streaming continues. In April, Quibi will launch in Canada and the US, largely competing with actors such as Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.…


Newsletter 4th of March: Growth of Ad-Market & New Sports Rights Bidding


Newsletter 26th of February: La Liga Next Sports Right to be Renegotiated


Newsletter 19th of February: Swedish Newspaper Industry – Digital Subscriptions on the Rise


Newsletter 12th of February: Spotify´s Podcast Venture Reaps Success


Mediavision: Svensk streamingmarknad bromsar in – kommer nya tjänster driva nästa våg?


Newsletter 5th February: YouTube is a $15 billion Business


Newsletter 29th of January: Are We Entering the Era of Streaming Fatigue?


Newsletter 22nd of January: 4.7 million Nordic Households Subscribe to Spotify


Newsletter 15th of January: The Premier League Seeks New Owner for Nordic Rights


Newsletter 18th of December: Mediavision’s Ultimate Christmas Watchlist


Newsletter 11th of December: Netflix Surpasses 4 million Subscribers in the Nordics


Mediavision: Tittande på onlinevideo rekordhögt i Finland


Mediavision: Danska operatörer når nya rekord i streaming


Mediavision: Norska hushållens utgifter för TV och streaming högst i Norden


Newsletter 4th of December: Have Champions League Rights Reached a Ceiling?


Newsletter 27th of November: Black Friday Bonanza


Mediavision: Spotify största plattform för podcastlyssnande i Sverige


Newsletter 20th of November: Strong Growth for Audio Books Challenged by High Churn


Newsletter 13th of November: The Decade that Marks the Loss of a Generation


Newsletter 6th of November: Daily Reach of Podcasts Increasing as Radio Goes Digital


Newsletter 30th of October: Increasing AVOD Market

Höga förväntningar när Apple TV Plus lanseras i Sverige

Global konkurrens ökar pressen på lokala aktörer trots starkt tredje kvartal


Newsletter 23rd of October: Nordic Satellite Operators Join Forces


Newsletter 16th of October: Appetite for News Remains High – But Consumption Patterns are Changing


Newsletter October 9th: E-sports with Six-digit Nordic Audience


Newsletter October 2nd: The Podcast Market: Trends & Future Prospects

Ljudboksabonnenter köper tryckta böcker i högre grad än andra

Newsletter September 25th: Streaming Services Dominate the Emmy´s

Newsletter September 18th: Season Premieres Can’t Hold Back Drop in Traditional TV Viewing

Stort intresse för Apples och Disneys kommande streamingtjänster

Newsletter September 11th: The Importance of Premium Sports



Newsletter 4th of September: SVT scores big at Kristallen & popular titles drive growth for SVOD services

Populära titlar har stor betydelse för streamingtjänster

E-sports event Dota 2 TI heads to Stockholm & Disney+ launch draws close


This week: The “Big Bigger Biggest” trend driving media mergers + the increasing interest in AVOD


Mediavision’s summer picks

Danish football rights, FIFA World Cup & public service proposition

Online video services – pricing and payment models

What about pricing of SVOD services?

The importance of a title – the Game of Thrones effect

Nu 10 miljoner streamingabonnemang i Norden

Fiction and drama the name of the game so far – but change ahead?

Storytel reports Q1 earnings while Disney assumes full control of Hulu, & more

Media subscription spend continues to rise

Nytt rekordår för TV-marknaden i Sverige

Swedish TV Market 2019/2020

Record-breaking TV market revenue in Sweden – driven by online

Daily reach for online video and traditional TV now on par

Media subscription market growing quickly – including digital audiobooks & text

Premiere of first Swedish Netflix original and Allsvenskan

Apple joins the SVOD race – Implications in the Nordics?

SVOD satisfaction and consumer rights

Local players strong in the Nordics, Netflix and Amazon dominate EU market

Esports & gaming in the Nordics – from Niche to Mainstream

Newsletter Mar 13 Esports & gaming in the Nordics – from Niche to Mainstream Esports and gaming is quickly moving towards mainstream, spurred by traditional sports actors increasing their activities...

Sweden’s gambling market: A race for market shares

Who will win the Nordic streaming war?

Lowered digital VAT & the re-regulated gambling market

The Swedish gambling market: part 3

Esports & gaming attract 1.2 million Nordic online video viewers an average day

Social media usage rising but video consumption remains stable

Hushållens medieutgifter fortsätter att öka kraftigt

Google dominating immature Swedish smart speaker market

Nordic AVOD viewing growing, local players gaining share

NFLX 11% of total Nordic viewing time

Newsletter January 16: Good ol’ Friends & ER turning 25, more popular than ever on increasingly crowded streaming market

Newsletter January 9: Broadcast TV in the Nordics 2018 & more on the increasing pressure on FAANG’s

The Swedish gambling market: The upcoming re-regulation, part 2

Newsletter December 19: Holiday wishes and predictions for the new year

Pressrelease 14 december: Allt fler streamingtjänster i de nordiska hushållen

Newsletter December 12th: Netflix fuels Nordic SVOD growth and inks deal with YouSee

Newsletter December 5th: Digital text services on the rise

The Swedish gambling market: The upcoming re-regulation, part 1

Newsletter November 28th: Gambling ads and the upcoming gambling market re-regulation

Pressrelease 27 november: Mycket stor dominans från USA i skandinaviskt streamingutbud

Newsletter November 21: The rise of the smart speaker

Newsletter November 14: Sports rights consumer value and more on gambling

Pressrelease 8 november: Svenska hushåll betalar drygt 330 SEK i månaden för betaltjänster för film och TV

Newsletter November 7: Growing impact of digital media subscriptions in Swedish households

Newsletter October 31: Premium sports heading online & increasing reach for off-shore gambling brands

Premium sports market: Online migration and tough competition over subscribers

Newsletter October 24: SVOD growing quickly among seniors, Netflix adding 400′ Swedish households Q3 (YOY)

Swedish Gambling Insight – Product information

Newsletter October 17: MIPCOM, EU content proposition and the Swedish gambling market

Pressrelease 17 oktober: Flest nyregistrerade spelkonton hos utländska spelbolag

Newsletter October 10: Online casinos growing rapidly, new actors entering the market

Newsletter October 3: “Kids & family” content on streaming services

Newsletter September 26: Streaming of music and radio – in the Nordics and elsewhere

Newsletter September 19: Traditional TV viewing under pressure in the UK & Nordics

Newsletter September 12: Gambling is growing + latest news on AVOD

Newsletter September 5: Nordic e-sports market, reality TV and Q2 SVOD figures

Sport bidrar till ökad TV-konsumtion online

Newsletter August 29: E-sports, gambling & more

Newsletter August 22: Record levels for Swedish SVOD penetration in Q2 and mixed FAANG results

Summer TV viewing and the FIFA WC

Newsletter July 11: Sweden: Trad TV viewing first half of 2018 down -6% in spite of big sport events

Fotbolls-VM och ny lagstiftning driver upp konkurrensen på svensk spelmarknad

The decades’ largest media merger – Implications?

Newsletter June 27: Global SVOD, Instagram goes TV, Why AT&T acquires an ad platform & more

Newsletter June 20: Youtube Music goes Nordic, music streaming competition, e-sports audiences & more

Årets upplaga av analysen Swedish TV Market finns nu att beställa

Webb-TV står för en allt större del av den svenska TV-marknaden

Newsletter June 11: Ad-based streaming services on the rise in the Nordics, meanwhile Netflix and Amazon secure exclusive rights 

Enter the age of consolidation – highlighting mergers on the global media market

Newsletter May 30: Streaming services beat traditional pay TV in customer satisfaction across the Nordics

Newsletter May 23: Commercial audiences below 100 min viewing already 2018?

Youtube Music to increase competition among music streaming services

Nordiska SVOD-marknaden starkare än någonsin

Newsletter May 16: Rapid OTT growth in the Nordics, locals gaining shares & the importance of “Original” content

Streaming i Sverige växer så det knakar

Newsletter April 25: Nordic operators; TV subs and ARPU development Q1 2018

Newsletter April 18: Q1 Nordic TV ratings plunging across the board, public service funding reform & more

Newsletter April 11: Web viewing Q1, Spotify on NYSE and the Swedish gambling market

Newsletter April 4: Spotify’s NYSE listing, podcast advertising on the rise & big TV shows in the headwinds (+more)

Mediavision: Svenska streamingmarknaden i framkant också för musik

Newsletter March 28th: Online advertising to soar in 2018, pay TV subscriber numbers to rise & European e-sports market grows rapidly

Melodifestivalen: Beloved “campfire” minimally affected by digital transformation

Amerikanska streamingtjänster har 35 000 timmar innehåll på den svenska marknaden

Mediavision: E-sport visar avstannad publiktillväxt, men ökat engagemang

E-sports continues to grow, but the market is still under construction

Utlandsreglerade bolag tar allt större andelar på svensk spelmarknad

Snabb OTT-tillväxt i Q4 driver fram konsolidering

E-sports breaks viewer records and enjoys broadened demographics

Swedish OTT market in focus at Mediavisions breakfast seminar

Mediavision lanserar ny tjänst i samarbete med Playpilot

Big changes in media infrastructure, content next?

Eventful 2017 for Swedish gambling market as re-regulation draws closer

Få notifikationer om våra senaste insikter!


Nordic TV market: Consumer transition as market competition abounds

Man vs machine: Youtube, Facebook and the advertiser backlash

AT&T’s purchase of Time Warner, Fox up for sale, and Nordic drama goes global

New gambling regulation could possibly attract operators to move off-shore

Mediavision’s e-sports analysis: Swedish gaming/e-sports viewers prefer DreamHack over LoL WC

Mediavisions Q3-analys: Unga väljer framförallt Netflix och Youtube

Facebook, Snapchat, Google, and Discovery make advances in video while Spotify refocuses their video strategy

Regulatory strike against gambling advertising in Sweden while several gambling companies report strong Q3 results

VR popular area of investment despite slow consumer growth

Foreign based gambling firms’ growth in Sweden driven by casino, but sports betting still important

Digital streaming giants win big at the Emmy Awards and draw closer to releasing Nordic originals

Apple’s newfound focus on AR from a Nordic perspective

Swedish game developers growing rapidly and US TV actors advance on Nordic TV market

3 av 5 nyöppnade spelkonton hos utlandreglerade bolag

Game of Thrones rekordsäsong lockar kunder till HBO Nordic

Traditional TV actors move into new areas as subscribers turn online

The Nordic TV summer, Facebook launches video services, and Disney’s acquisition of BAMTech

Facebook sänder Champions League, Google gör VR-annonser, och podcastmarknad med stark tillväxt

Illegal video consumption is widespread in the Nordics

E-sport & gaming: E3-mässan, sommarens stora evenemang, och fördjupat samarbete mellan ESL och Intel

Sociala medier och rörlig bild, Twitter livesänder politisk debatt och Snap gör drönare

TV och rörlig bild allt viktigare för att locka till sociala medier

Mediavision analyserar utvecklingen bland aktörer på amerikansk TV-marknad, Q1 2017.

Händelserik start på svenskt spelår: Spelutredning och kasinospel i centrum

Svensk TV-marknad 2017: Rekordhög omsättning drivet av webb-TV

I sin årliga analys av TV-marknaden belyser Mediavision den intensiva transformation som präglar branschen just nu. Den digitala tillväxten är mycket stark, samtidigt som efterfrågan på traditionell TV-reklam är god,...

Lokalt kontra globalt i fokus när Mediavision höll frukostseminarium

Swedish TV Market 2017/18 finns nu att beställa!

Konkurrens och polarisering Förflyttningen från traditionell TV till online accelererar. Förändrade tittarbeteenden och nya sätt att abonnera skruvar om förutsättningarna, med påtagliga konsekvenser på marknad och aktörer. Dessutom ökar inflytandet...

Hundratusentals svenskar spelar på onlinekasino

Tittandet på e-sport och gaming når nya höjder

Majoriteten av pengar på sportspel går till utlandsreglerade spelbolag

Utlandsreglerade spelbolag som Unibet och Bet365 fortsätter att växa på den svenska spelmarknaden. I hög grad sker tillväxten hos dessa bolag inom onlinekasino, som inte erbjuds av någon av de...

Över hälften av unga är pirater

Facebook och Youtube vinner mark på svensk webb-TV-marknad

Mediavision: Summering av 2016: Ett bra år för globala streamingjättar i Norden

Mediavision: Netflix passerar en miljon abonnemang

Mediavision: Spelare via utländska bolag lägger fyra gånger så mycket pengar på spel

Mediavision: Hög tillväxt för IPTV kompenserar abonnenttapp för övrig betal-TV

Utlandsbaserade spelbolag allt viktigare för kommersiell TV

Mediavision: E-sport lockar fler tittare än traditionell sport online

Svensk TV-marknad 2016: Digitaliseringen allt mer påtaglig

Allt mer webb-TV-tittande via TV-skärmen tack vare Chromecast och Apple TV

Mediavision: Facebook allt viktigare som nyhetsplattform för svenskarna

Vanliga TV:n föredras av allt fler webb-TV-tittare

Betal-TV-marknaden i Sverige i stark omvandling

Mediavision: TV-tittande online når nya höjder

Många stänger av annonsblockerare om innehållet är tillräckligt intressant

Unga spelar i högre grad än äldre hos utländska spelbolag

Q3: Svenskarna omfamnar strömmade medietjänster

Q2: Netflix och HBO Nordic stärker greppet om svensk streamingmarknad

Internationella jättar dominerar den nordiska OTT-marknaden

Q1: Youtube – Sveriges största ”kanal” bland unga

Svensk TV-marknad: Rekordomsättning 2014 – skifte från linjär-TV till online

Kraftig tillväxt för betaltjänster i mobilen: 1 av 3 använder

Hushållen betalar allt mer för streamingtjänster via internet

Q3: Globala aktörer tar andelar från svenska TV-bolag

Efteranalys valet 2014: Facebook största mediekanal bland unga väljare

Trendbrott – Netflix utan tillväxt i Q2

Stort konsumentintresse för snabbare bredband

Svensk TV-marknad: 21 miljarder kronor 2013 – all tillväxt online

Stark ställning för Netflix i Norden

Svensk streamingmarknad miljardindustri under 2014

Youtube stärker sin position som största videotjänst i Norden

Konsumentplaner: 850 000 hushåll med streamingabonnemang om ett år

500 000 hushåll med webb-TV-abonnemang

Mobil mediemarknad: Stark tillväxt för mobila enheter mot 2014

Jan 2013: Allt fler betalar för streamingtjänster för TV

Svensk TV-marknad: 21 miljarder SEK 2013, trots lågkonjunktur

Fördubbling av webb-TV-abonnemang

Samsung-telefoner alltmer populära, men Iphone-kunder trogna

Smarta mobiltelefoner tar webb-TV till nya höjder

Rekordhögt webb-TV-tittande driver betaltjänster

Allt fler använder alternativa tjänster för röstsamtal i mobilen

Ökande konkurrens för SMS

Ännu lågt konsumentintresse för 4G

Allt mer TV via nya plattformar

Svensk TV-marknad: 20 miljarder SEK år 2011

Surfplattor i Sverige: God betalningsvilja för dagstidningar

Q1 2011: Fortsatt stark tillväxt för mobilt bredband i Sverige

Mobiltelefoni Sverige: Android ikapp iPhone under Q1 2011

April 2009: 3,1 miljoner webb-TV-tittare. TV-kanaler driver nyttjande.

Ipad-användare flitiga mediekonsumenter

Mobil-TV – 2010 års verkliga skräll

Julklappstips från Mediavision: Köp en smartphone till mormor

Mediavision: Stort intresse för Ipad bland svenskarna

Smarta telefoner förändrar mediekonsumtionen

Mobil-tv fördubblat på ett år

Iphone – Fortsatt framgång i Sverige

Tillväxt för TV på webben under andra kvartalet

Iphone lockar bred majoritet att betala för innehållstjänster

Q1: Rekord för webb-TV, 4,4 miljoner tittare

Över 500 000 uppger att de har en Iphone

Fjärde kvartalet 2009: Illegal fildelning och streaming av TV ökar

I miljon tittar på webb-TV dagligen och 4 miljoner under ett kvartal

Stark tillväxt för HDTV i Sverige under 2009

Webb-TV-tittare också störst konsument av traditionell TV

Betal-TV kompenserar för fallande annonsintäkter

TV-kanalernas webb-TV-tjänster starkt framåt

April 2009: Unga avskräcks mest av IPRED

Januari 2009: Youtube lockar flest webb-TV-tittare

Nisch-TV får allt större reklamintäkter


Mediavision är ledande inom datadriven analys för medie- och telekomindustrin i Norden. Våra insikter baseras på unik, egen, data och djup förståelse för samspelet mellan marknadens parter. Vi hjälper våra uppdragsgivare att navigera i ett mycket snabbt föränderligt landskap. 


Mediavision erbjuder löpande analyser av den nordiska medie- och telekomindustrin. Vår unika databas Instant Insight möjliggör för våra kunder att kartlägga marknadens och den egna utvecklingen.



Mediavision genomför kundspecifika konsultuppdrag. Förutom uppdragsgivarens egen input, har vi har alltid egen uppdaterad data – det ger kort startsträcka och precision.