Newsletter November 28th: Gambling ads and the upcoming gambling market re-regulation

28 November 2018

Gambling companies regulated outside of Sweden, i e “off-shore”, are currently in a vivid fight over customers and market shares, awaiting the new legislation of Jan 1, 2019. This in turn has spurred an advertising frenzy in certain media companies, not regulated in Sweden. Looking forward, it is somewhat vague who will reap these benefits under the new legislation. However, it seems pretty clear that competition over gambling advertising funds will ramp up in 2019.

Discovery and NENT Group, both based in the UK, have since long been carrying ads for off-shore gambling companies. This has distinguished them from their competitors in Sweden. Tech and social media giants in Sweden, such as Google and Facebook, have also stayed clear from gambling ads. Once the new regulation comes into effect, all licensed gambling companies will operate under the same legislation. This also implies that advertising will be on equal footing.

Taking a look at traditional TV advertising during Q3 of 2018, the conclusion is that gambling accounts for a significant share of total Discovery and NENT Group advertising revenues. In total, 24 percent of Discovery’s delivered TRPs and 27 percent of NENT Group’s delivered TRPs are gambling ads. This is an increase from the already high shares of Q3 last year.

Gambling ads share of total delivered TRPs during Q3 2018 (%)

So, by Jan 1 2019 all licensed gambling companies will follow the same advertising legislation. This implies that (e g) Google, Facebook and TV4 will be opened up as viable marketing channels also for the currently off-shore gambling companies. Mediavision follows this development closely. We have recently published a full analysis of the Swedish gambling market. Read more about it here.

Another interesting topic this week, with implications for the media industry, is the ongoing Brexit negotiations. Depending on the outcome, UK based broadcasters could be affected as the UK could possibly be considered a third country and UK jurisdiction might not comply with EU law. Apparently, some broadcasters have already started applying for licenses elsewhere in Europe.

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