Mediavision: Clubhouse Attracts Less Than 50 000 in the Nordics


30 April 2021

Clubhouse’s entrance on the Nordic market earlier this year spiked a massive interest in ‘active audio’. However, questions have since arisen whether Clubhouse is more of a short-lived phenomenon, perhaps even a hype?

Mediavision has tracked Clubhouse’s popularity across the Nordics in Q1. Despite a massive initial media coverage, both in traditional and social channels, less than 50 000 Nordic 15-74-year-olds say that they, an average day, consume audio content via Clubhouse. This is less than 1% of the age group – possibly, the invitation-only nature plays a part. And if we focus the podcast listeners, only 2% choose to listen via the Clubhouse app (comparably, Spotify is chosen by 33%).

Also, Clubhouse’s global performance points towards a possible “hype”. Clubhouse boasts approx. 16 million downloads since its launch 12 months ago – but downloads dropped 72% in March compared to February, when the app was downloaded 9.6 million times. One thing is clear – competition is increasing. Several major actors, including Twitter, Facebook and Spotify, are scrambling to launch its own Active Audio features. The big question: Will the consumers jump on the bandwagon?