Mediavision: More than four million paid streaming video subscriptions in Denmark


13 December 2022

Danish households’ appetite for video streaming continues to grow. The number of paid subscriptions now exceeds four million, as more than half a million new subscriptions have been added in the past 12 months. This is concluded in Mediavision’s latest analysis of the Danish TV and streaming market.

The interest in streaming video is reaching new record levels in Denmark. Household penetration for SVOD (such as TV2 Play, Viaplay and Netflix) now amounts to 66 percent, which is higher than in any other Nordic country. Growth year-over-year amounts to eight percent. This is concluded in Mediavision’s newly released analysis of the Danish TV and streaming market.



Seen over the past 12 months, more than half a million new paid streaming video subscriptions have been added to the market. All in all, the number of subscriptions now exceeds four million. On average, a Danish household with SVOD pays for 2.5 video streaming services, i.e., the level of stacking is unchanged compared to last fall.

Looking at specific actors, HBO Max has seen the highest growth over the past 12 months as its household penetration has increased by 67 percent. It should be noted that the strong growth is partly attributed to the re-launch from HBO Nordic to Max last year. The biggest paid services in Denmark are Netflix, TV2 Play and Viaplay.

– Despite threats of a weakened economy, Mediavision’s analysis points at a strong position for SVOD also in 2023. Danish households value their streaming subscriptions highly, with no obvious plans to cut back on that expenditure yet, comments Marie Nilsson, CEO at Mediavision. However, this could change rapidly if the situation takes a turn for the worse.