Youtube stärker sin position som största videotjänst i Norden

20 December 2013

Watching TV online is becoming increasingly common with rapidly growing reach in all of the Nordic countries. Youtube is the largest service with 2.8 million Nordic viewers on an average day.

Mediavision’s analysis of the Nordic TV market for fall 2013 shows a boosted online TV reach in the region. Almost 30 percent of 15-74 year olds watch TV online on an average day, equivalent to nearly 5.5 million Northerners. Time consumed on online TV services is also increasing and is now close to half of total viewing time in the youngest age group (15-24 years).

Youtube is the largest online TV actor in the Nordics in terms of viewing.

-Youtube’s positioning as a portal or aggregator for video content is becoming increasingly evident, says Marie Nilsson, CEO of Mediavision. Around 14 percent of Northerners watch Youtube on an average day, which makes it the largest service by far.

-In 2013, Youtube has secured its position as the single largest actor in the region, attracting almost 3 million viewers on an average day. Moreover, Youtube has grown significantly faster than the market. This contributes to the ongoing rapid transformation of TV in the Nordics, where new actors operate alongside the traditional TV companies.

Mediavision is continuously monitoring the Nordic media markets, regarding both consumption and the ad and pay markets.