Stark ställning för Netflix i Norden

14 May 2014

Watching TV over the internet, web TV, is growing rapidly in the Nordics. More than 6 million people in the Nordics use some kind of web TV service daily and more and more use paid services – especially Netflix.

The Nordic web TV market is today dominated by both traditional TV companies and others such as media houses and international online players. Youtube has the highest daily reach but with attractive in-house production and strong finances Netflix has in a relatively short time established itself across the Nordic countries and is today as strong as the public service’s online streaming services.

–      It is a large shift in the TV industry going on right now, with increased competition for viewers. Netflix entry in 2012 means that local Nordic actors currently experience increased competition. Today the daily viewing on Netflix is just as large as the viewing on the national public service companies’ online channels. For the local TV companies it becomes more and more important to profile itself and stand out among the crowd, says Ingrid Salomonsson, senior analyst at Mediavision.

Mediavison estimate the Nordic market for paid online TV services to have a turnover close to 300 MEUR in 2014.

Press release May 2014 – Strong position for Netflix in the Nordics