Norway at the digital forefront: 1 in 3 pay for subscription video on demand (SVOD)

16 December 2014

The Norwegian market for subscription video on demand (SVOD) has shown strong growth during past 12 months. As a consequence, Norway has the highest SVOD penetration in the Nordic region. Approximately 730,000 households had a SVOD subscription in Q3 2014.

In addition, Norway has the highest spend per household for SVOD in the Nordic region and the number of subscriptions per household is higher than in other Nordic markets. On average, Norwegian SVOD households have 1.6 subscriptions, which show the strong consumer interest for online video services.

–       The Norwegian market is in the forefront when it comes to SVOD. What we are seeing is a development where households have a growing number of subscriptions and increasing spend for SVOD. Whether it will be at the expense of traditional pay TV or not, is too early say. Until now, most households have chosen to have both, says Marie Nilsson, CEO and founder of Mediavision.

Mediavision follows the development of the emerging streaming market on an ongoing basis.

Press release December 2014 – ENG