Allt mer webb-TV-tittande via TV-skärmen tack vare Chromecast och Apple TV

17 May 2016

In the latest Nordic market analysis from Mediavision Chromecast is taking off. As a consequence, more and more consumers are using their main TV set for watching online video.

The TV landscape is changing rapidly. More and more content is offered online through streaming services and consumers are quick to adapt. On a Nordic level, 6,8 million are watching video online on a daily basis. With a daily reach per country spanning from 27% in Denmark, 31% in Finland, 39% in Norway to 40% in Sweden.

Recently it has also become increasingly easy to watch streaming services on the main TV set. Mediavision finds the development to mainly be driven by devices such as Apple TV and Google Chromecast – who facilitates online watching on the big screen. Also gaming consoles and smart TV sets with apps are growing in use.

Google Chromecast has had a strong development in the Scandinavian markets in past 12 months and is soon at par with Apple TV in all Nordic countries.

– As consumer awareness increases for these devices, and the more user-friendly they become, also less tech savvy consumers find it easy to watch internet based media on the TV screen. This of course intensifies the competition between traditional pay TV and streaming services, says Marie Nilsson, CEO at Mediavision.

Mediavision follows the development of the emerging streaming market closely.

Pressrelease Mediavision May 2016