Newsletter July 11: Sweden: Trad TV viewing first half of 2018 down -6% in spite of big sport events

11 July 2018

2018 is a year of great live events: Starting out with the winter Olympics in February, and the FIFA Football World Cup currently underway. In Sweden, a general election will be held September 9 – historically good news for broadcast TV. Adding the events together, 2018 holds all the right ingredients for a year of boosted traditional TV viewing. Now, summarizing the first six months of 2018, we see that traditional TV ratings are on a continuous downward facing slope – also in comparison to the rather uneventful year of 2017.

Mediavision has earlier pointed out (see newsletter from April 18) the weak results of Q1, as traditional TV ratings plunged across the Nordics, despite the Pyeongchang Olympics. Viewing decreased across the board, and especially amongst younger target groups (in ages 10-25 with as much as -20% as a Nordic average). Furthermore, the decrease in viewing isn’t exclusive to the younger target groups. Viewing in ages 25-34 decreased by roughly 20% across the Nordics as well.

Zooming in on Sweden, total viewing for the first half (H1) of 2018 decreased by -6% YOY (year-on-year) in the total population (3+). The downward trend is, again, very strong in younger audiences (e g 15-24 year-olds) with a decrease of 15% H1 (vs H1 2017). The Pyeongchang Olympics didn’t quite do the job, but the FIFA World Cup appears to have had a greater impact on broadcast ratings. In June, viewing actually increased slightly in the total population and significantly so among the younger viewers.

Change in viewing time (%) H1 YOY & June YOY

The World Cup rights in Sweden are shared between the major commercial broadcaster TV4 (Bonnier Broadcasting) and public service broadcaster SVT. So far, SVT has taken the greatest relative advantage of this event as viewing time among 15-24 year-olds has increased by 85% during June (vs June 2017). Sweden’s games are particularly popular. Saturday’s quarter final loss vs England captured a 99% share of viewers in ages 15-24. However, looking at viewing in the average population (3+), TV4 has seen a larger growth of 11% during June.

Broadcasters not able to reap the benefits of the FIFA World Cup, namely NENT Group (formerly MTG) and Discovery, have seen their viewership dwindle during June. Compared to June last year, NENT Group and Discovery have seen a decrease in viewing in the average population by -16% and -7% respectively. In the ages 15-24 the decrease is significantly larger, with NENT Group decreasing -43% and Discovery decreasing -31% YOY during June.

To conclude, viewing development so far is in line with Mediavision’s estimate for 2018; a decline of
-6% (3+), with a strong emphasis on younger target groups (read more in our recently published Swedish TV Market 2018/2019).

Now summer is here and all your friends at Mediavision would like to wish you a happy and sunny holiday – we’ll be back in in full force in august!

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