Newsletter October 24: SVOD growing quickly among seniors, Netflix adding 400′ Swedish households Q3 (YOY)

24 October 2018

Shortly, Mediavision will publish the 3rd quarter analysis Swedish TV & Video Insight. Today we present you with a sneak preview. Perhaps not too surprising, global SVOD (subscription video on-demand) continues to gain ground, in its’ race for scale. Netflix recently reported a record breaking international Q3 result in subs growth. We can confirm that the same goes for Sweden. Another observation is that SVOD is definitely maturing – one evidence is the quick growth in older age groups.

Households with a Netflix subscription in Sweden, Q3 17 vs Q3 18 YOY (000′)
Mediavision’s Q3 analysis reveals that the Netflix record quarter, with +7 million subscribers worldwide, is noticeable also in Sweden. Here, the year-on-year household penetration growth of the US giant is close to 400 000, or a slightly unbelievable increase of roughly 40%. Compared to the overall reported Netflix subscriber growth of 31% YOY, Sweden certainly is a fast-mover. But that’s not all. Another record, as Mediavision recently discussed, is that Netflix comes in as the number one choice for kids & family content.

Significant growth among seniors
Looking at overall market development, the third quarter shows a strong SVOD growth across all age groups, but with the older segments now catching up, i.e. growing significantly faster. Looking at Netflix, penetration in the age groups 55-64 and 65-74 grew by +60% and +90% respectively.

Despite Netflix’ dominant position and rapid growth, local actors are growing as well, as shown by MTG’s Q3 report. Its TV & entertainment business Nordic Entertainment, which is to be listed on the stock exchange in 2019, reports a positive quarter with streaming service Viaplay as a driving force. Moreover, the proposed EU content law which will require streaming services to carry at least 30% local content is likely to affect the global giants more than their local counterparts.

Mediavision is following the development closely, stay tuned for our quarterly analysis Swedish TV & Video Insight which is to be published shortly.

Mediavision blogs:

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As many of us are now returning to work after a splendid summer, we’re taking a quick glance at the development of the 2018 traditional TV viewing so far. It’s of course with a special focus on summer ratings, particularly since Sweden this year outperformed all expectations and made it to the quarter finals in 2018 FIFA World cup in July.

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Industry news:

Netflix plans to raise $2bn for new content
Netflix has announced plans to raise $2bn in debt as it invests in new content. Its long-term liabilities now amount to more than $30bn. Netflix argues that levels are quite modest in context of the value of the firm.

Apple to launch global streaming service
Apple is planning to launch its upcoming streaming service in more than 100 countries. The service will launch first in the US during the first half of 2019, in the following months the app will be made available globally.

Discovery and PGA launch streaming service
Discovery and the PGA Tour are launching the golf-focused streaming service GOLFTV at the turn of the year. GOLFTV will feature in region of 150 golf tourneys and is set to start rolling out during 2019. The service will launch in the Nordics during 2022.

MTG’s TV business driving force during Q3
MTG’s quarterly earnings report which was published on Tuesday reveal its Nordic TV business is going strong. Nordic Entertainment which is set for an IPO during 2019 reports an increase in revenue of 6 percent, which equals about 3bn SEK.

Youtube rallies creators to oppose EU law
Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki recently wrote a blog post regarding the proposed EU copyright law. She urges Youtube creators to educate themselves on the legislation and how it could affect their channel, and to “tell the world through social media”.

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