Nytt rekordår för TV-marknaden i Sverige

7 May 2019

The Swedish TV market broke a new record in turnover 2018, with the strongest growth in 8 years. The paid streaming segment (SVOD) marks the biggest increase, totaling almost SEK 4 billion and a yearly growth of +45% compared to 2017. Ad-funded streaming (AVOD) grows substantially as well. Mediavision forecasts a continued strong market through 2019 and 2020.

During 2018 turnover reached record levels on the Swedish TV market, the highest growth rate since 2010. The total turnover summed up to SEK 25.3 billion, a growth of +8% compared to 2017. The last time the market displayed similar growth was in 2010 (+10%) following an exceptionally weak 2009. Stable and growing demand of online services fuels the market, both subscription-based and ad-funded. SVOD revenues, i e subscription fees from services such as Netflix and Viaplay, grew by +45% compared to 2017. Revenues from ad-funded services such as TV4 Play also grew substantially. Mediavision expects this trend to continue in the coming years and believes that the AVOD segment will reach a turnover of SEK 2.5 billion by 2020.

Turnover SVOD & AVOD (SEK, millions)

Mediavision’s forecast suggests the TV market as a whole will grow by another 7% in 2019. The market is driven by the consumers and their increasing demand for digital services.

-The Swedish TV market remains strong, with few signs of deceleration. Digital revenue streams and consumer appetite for streaming services continues to grow. But uncertainty regarding gambling ads and the possible impact of self-regulatory measures might affect the ad market ahead. Looking at premium revenues, Mediavision predicts a continued high demand for streaming services. Particularly as several new actors (Apple, Disney) are entering the market this year. All things considered we believe in continued growth and positive development on the market throughout 2019 and 2020, says Marie Nilsson, CEO of Mediavision.