Mediavision: Spotify Twice as big as Apple Podcasts in the Nordics


19 May 2020

According to Mediavision’s quarterly analysis of the Nordic audio market in Q1, Spotify is the leading podcast platform with highest daily reach in the Nordic countries. Spotify attracts close to twice as many Nordic podcast listeners during an average day compared to runner-up, Apple Podcasts. Spotify is the preferred choice among Nordic podcast listeners, according to Mediavision’s Q1 analysis of the Nordic audio market. 44% of average daily podcast listeners of 15-74 y/o in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden said they had listened to podcasts via Spotify during an average day in Q1 2020, 24% listened via Apple Podcasts. Spotify’s leading position in this regard has already been noted in Sweden over the past three consecutive quarters. The high podcast reach of Spotify reflects its high penetration, tallying ~4.5 million Nordic households (premium subscribers and ad-supported monthly active users) in Q1 2020. It is also likely that the consumer up-take is promoted by the company’s recent investments in local podcasts production and exclusive content. Still, Spotify faces varied competition in the budding and dynamic Nordic podcast market. Public service podcast platforms (SR Play, Yle Areena, DR Radio & NRK Radio) have a solid position, reaching significant number of people in Q1. The last years have also meant the introduction of local podcast subscription services, such as Danish services Podimo and Talk Town, as well as Swedish service PodMe – however yet to garner larger traction. Average Nordic daily podcast reach measured 15% in Q1 2020 and almost the double among 25-34 years olds’. In Sweden, with the highest podcast listening in the region, 1.5 million people 15-74 y/o listens to podcasts an average day. This is also a strong increase year-on-year of close to +25%. Spotify’s shift towards becoming an overall audio platform seems to have rendered success across the Nordics. Going forward, the question remains whether Apple will pursue the same “Audio-first”-strategy, and possibly integrate Apple Music with Apple Podcasts to fend Spotify off.    
Mediavision is an independent analysis and consultancy firm, focused on analysis and strategy within traditional and digital media. 6,700 respondents between the ages 15 to 74 are surveyed every six months in the Nordics. For more information, please contact: Marie Nilsson E-mail: Tel: 08-52 80 90 90 / +46 (0) 70 749 59 67