Mediavision: Swedes show highest interest in Women’s FIFA World Cup is in the Nordics


23 August 2023

Women’s FIFA World Cup ended this weekend as Spain was crowned world champion. Sweden claimed the bronze medal after Saturday’s win against host nation Australia. Sweden is also the Nordic country with the highest interest in watching the women’s FIFA World Cup. 13 percent of the country’s 15-74-year-olds answered earlier this spring that they had interest in watching the tournament. Compared to the Nordic neighboring countries, viewer interest in Sweden is twice as great. This is shown in Mediavision’s sports analysis for 2023.

In Sweden, there is a great interest of watching women’s FIFA World Cup. Early this spring, before the start of the tournament, 13 percent of Sweden’s 15-74-year-olds responded that they were interested in watching the tournament on TV/online. Compared to the Nordic neighboring countries, the interest is close to twice as big. The great interest can partly be explained by Swedish success in previous WC, European and Olympic championships. Finland, which has a viewing interest of 7 percent, was the only Nordic country that did not qualify for this year’s World Cup. Denmark and Norway, with 6 and 7 percent viewer interest respectively, were both eliminated in the round of 16 in this summer’s championship.



70 percent of the group of “interested” in the women’s FIFA World Cup in Sweden are men. This figure is basically identical to the interest in the men’s World Cup. Roughly 70 percent of those interested are men. Mediavision can once again conclude that the general interest in sports is significantly higher among men.

– This summer’s World Cup has been a viewership success in many parts of the world. For example, the semi-final between Australia and England became the most watched TV program in Australia since current measurement methods were introduced in 2001. We expect that the interest in watching women’s football will continue to increase, says Marie Nilsson, CEO at Mediavision.