Mediavision: Streaming broadens the role of the TV manufacturers


18 September 2023

As TV viewing has moved to streaming, the demand for internet connected TVs has grown rapidly into today being the norm. As many as 75 percent of the Nordic households now have a TV set connected to the internet. Most TV manufacturers are also moving closer to content, either through own services or through the supply of content from others. This will likely mean further increased competition going forward.

70 percent of the Nordic households today have a paid streaming service. Over some time now, this has also spurred the demand for internet connected TVs. As many as 75 percent of the households in the region have at least one TV set with internet connection. This can be either through external devices such as Apple TV, Google Chromecast etc, or it can be integrated into the TV set itself. The transition into streaming has clearly pushed the demand for these products in general.


Mediavision analysis shows that it is especially the uptake of built-in, integrated, connections that grow the fastest. Almost all newly produced TVs have the possibility of built-in internet connections. This has also implied a declining demand for external media centers. This is concluded in Mediavision’s new Consumer Device Report.



In the boom of connected TVs, we also see new businesses emerging. One example is “FAST”, an ad-funded streaming, free of charge for the consumers. This seems to be a new development partly pushed by the TV manufacturers.

– We now see a large majority of Nordic households having smart TVs, comments Fredrik Liljeqvist, senior analyst at Mediavision. This has also enabled more actors, like the TV manufacturers, to be involved in the content and aggregation business. Manufacturers like LG, Phillips, Samsung etc are today providing content services to consumers. This will likely increase competition going forward, both over viewers and advertisers.