Consumer Media Devices

Media devices such as smartphones, TVs and gaming consoles have evolved tremendously in the recent years. In step with the technological development, the consumer’s use is also changing. To provide insights into how the media devices shape the Nordic media landscape, Mediavision has conducted the analysis Consumer Media Devices. The analysis covers both the use and penetration of media devices, as well as how this has developed over time.

The focus is on video-related devices, including TVs, media centers, gaming consoles and smartphones. The analysis includes uptake of tablets, smart speakers and VR headsets, as well as household penetration of device brands such as Apple, Google, LG and Samsung. Consumer Media Devices is based on 20,000 annual nationally representative interviews with 15–74-year-olds in the Nordics.


Overview: Nordic TV & Streaming

  • Basic numbers for viewing, DTV and SVOD penetration

Penetration of devices

  • Type: TV, media center, smartphone, tablet, gaming console, VOD box, VR, smart speaker.
  • Mapping of uptake and market shares of top brands (TVs, media centers/gaming consoles, smartphones)

Purchase plans (12 months, by type of device)


  • Devices used to watch video and daily reach (TV, computer, mobile and tablet)


Excerpts from the analysis

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