Sports are exceptionally important for consumers, hence also for media actors and distributors

Sports are unique in the ability to attract a large and loyal subscriber base – and are as such a cornerstone for pay TV, public service broadcasting, and online streaming. However, in recent years, and as a direct effect of the online transformation, competition has intensified and pushed sports rights costs through the roof. This price and market development force the actors to rethink and reevaluate their view of sports in general, and specific sports rights in particular.

Mediavision Sports Analysis provides an in-depth analysis of consumer interest, willingness to pay and pay rate. It covers +90 specific sports rights in the Nordics and offers a comprehensive insight on how the consumers value sports rights. It is also compares sports rights in the different Nordic countries.

Some of the questions addressed in the analysis are:

What is the general interest in watching sports via TV / online video?

How many households pay to access premium sports and how much do they pay?

What leagues and tournaments attract the largest subscriber base?

How do consumers prioritize rights and what will get subscribers to move?

What combinations of sports rights are most attractive to consumers?

Who holds what rights and what rights will change hands?

What can be expected of the upcoming move?

The analysis is based on interviews with a national representative sample of close to 7,000 people 15-74 in the Nordics. Results from the consumer study are synthesized with data from public sources, company reports and interviews with industry specialists. The analysis is available for Nordics (DK, FI, NO and SE) as well as in country-specific editions.

Excerpts from the analysis

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