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Mediavision has tracked the development of the Swedish TV and video distribution market since 2001. In 2011, we extended the scope to include Denmark, Norway and Finland. Our insights have been presented in various reports over the years. The common denominator has always been a focus on market development, consumer behaviour and value creation.

The analysis covers both the and TV/streaming markets in the Nordic countries. It rests on three pillars: the consumers, the market, and the actors. Analysing the consumers (and what they do or pay for) takes us far – but not all the way. Studying the various actors and the market as a whole is just as important.

What actors take the largest market shares? How does competition between global and local players evolve? How are operators’ own streaming offers developing? How is the advertising market evolving? These are some of the questions we try to answer.



  • Business cycles in the advertising and pay market
  • Household spend on access and media
  • Willingness to pay, motivations for purchase, price sensitivity
  • Broadband and mobile telephony penetration
  • Viewing development, service penetration
  • Consumer attitudes, preferences, and satisfaction
  • Churn/ acquisition plans, realized churn

Mediavision’s analysis TV & Streaming is based on approximately 20,000 nationally representative interviews with 15-74-year-olds in the Nordic countries each year. We also use data from public sources, company reports and industry-specific sources. The Swedish edition is published quarterly, the Nordic biannually.

Mediavision’s unique and long-running data collection guarantees reliable trend analysis and provides a solid ground for forecasting.

Excerpts from the analysis

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