Newsletter 5th of June


5 June 2024

These are the main topics this week:

  • Podme enters advertising collaboration with Podspace
  • New streaming service lets users create their own content using AI
  • Warner Bros. Discovery extends Wimbledon rights in Finland, Norway & Sweden


Podme enters advertising collaboration with Podspace


The Schibsted-owned podcast streaming service Podme primarily makes premium podcasts for paying subscribers. The service is available in Finland, Norway and Sweden. Now, Podme and the distribution platform Podspace have entered an advertising partnership, making selected podcast episodes available for a broader audience.


Podme is entering the ad-financed podcast market in Sweden and Finland. Through a new collaboration with Podspace, Podme will release podcast episodes from its archive to non-subscribers. The advertising is to be sold via the advertising network Podspace Ads. Podme will also sell native campaigns and sponsorship of individual titles.



Nicolas Leon, head of Sweden at Podme, is enthusiastic that the podcasts are now becoming available to more people. “We are very excited to launch this initiative that will make our podcasts available to an even larger audience. Our priority is to deliver first-class content and now we can offer it in a more flexible way. Through advertisements and sponsorship collaborations, we now also create new revenue opportunities for both the company and our creators”, Leon comments in the press release.


Through the collaboration, Podspace expands its advertising network, which at the time of writing includes Bonnier News, Perfect Day Media and Make Sense Media.

Insikt Ljudmarknad

This analysis provides in-depth understanding of the entire audio market – including audiobooks, music, podcasts, and radio. The analysis focuses on the digital transformation of both listening and consumer payments, on both aggregated and actor specific levels.


Spotify raise prices in the US


Aller to create an audio platform for children in Denmark


SkyShowtime enters new partnership with Norlys


YouTube expands to gaming with “Playables” feature


Netflix expands gaming portfolio with series-based games


New streaming service lets users create their own content using AI


Generative AI is taking a big step towards streaming. Fable Studio, the company behind the viral AI-generated South Park clips, has announced the launch of a new streaming platform which allows users to create their own content by prompts.


Last week, Fable Studio announced the new streaming platform Showrunner. According to the company, the platform can write, voice and animate episodes of the shows it carries. At the initial release, users will be able to watch AI-generated series and create their own content — complete with the ability to control dialogue and characters, among other features. The tech is limited solely to animation and doesn’t have the capability to create live-action shots yet.


The announcement of Showrunner featured ten animated shows of various genres that were mostly made with AI tools, except for the music and some transitions. The shows include Exit Valley, a satire of Silicon Valley mimicking the animation style and comedic flavor of South Park, and Sim Francisco, an anthology series of people living in the shared universe of Sim Francisco, where several of Showrunner’s shows take place.


“The vision is to be the Netflix of AI,” CEO of Fable Studios Edward Saatchi commented. “Maybe you finish all of the episodes of a show you’re watching, and you click the button to make another episode. You can say what it should be about, or you can let the AI make it itself.”


Users can now join a waitlist for a free testing version of Showrunner, which will likely last until the end of the year, according to Saatchi. The company says that the waiting list currently holds 50 000 persons

Content Analysis

This analysis maps and analyses all on-demand content available on streaming services in the Nordics and its impact on consumption, actors, and market dynamics. It focuses on the interplay between  supply and demand and thus provides a solid foundation for decision-making within content strategy and related areas.


SkyShowtime announce documentary on Danish athlete


Microsoft makes big AI investment in Sweden


Netflix orders music competition series


Allente to add TV 2 Play in the flex packages in Denmark



Warner Bros. Discovery extends Wimbledon rights in Finland, Norway & Sweden


One of the most prestigious tennis tournaments, The Wimbledon Tennis Championships, will stay on Eurosport and Max in Finland, Norway & Sweden. The new agreement covers eleven European markets in total, including all singles and doubles matches, as well as qualifying matches, shown live and on-demand. Other markets included in the new agreement are Belgium, Hungary, Iceland, among others.



The new agreement means that the Wimbledon championships will continue to be shown on Eurosport in Finland, Norway, and Sweden, with every match to be streamed on Max. Eurosport will then hold the exclusive rights in this region for more than a decade, since Eurosport first began showing Wimbledon in multiple markets in 2016. WBD’s coverage of the Wimbledon Championships begins with the qualifying rounds on Monday 24th of June.


In the Nordics, close to 10 percent of the 15-74-year-olds state interest in watching tennis on TV/online. Among the different tennis events, Wimbledon is the tournament which draws the highest interest. This is concluded in Mediavision’s newly published Sports Analysis 2024.

Sports Analysis

For the fifth consecutive year, Mediavision presents the Sports Analysis. The analysis provides a comprehensive overview of the current Nordic sports rights market and an in-depth analysis of consumer interest, willingness to pay and pay rate. It covers 19 sports and +100 specific sports rights.


Paramount and Skydance have reportedly reached a merger deal


Minecraft will become a Netflix series


Instagram confirms test of “unskippable” ads


DAZN picks up rights to Ironman triathlon races


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Stockholm Film Festival: 6-17th November, Stockholm, Sweden


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