Newsletter 24th of May


24 May 2023


These are the main topics this week:

  • Mediavision: Consumer payments for podcasts continue to increase
  • The 2023 Ice Hockey World Championship intensifies.
  • Skyshowtime announce its first Nordic original


Mediavision: Consumer payments for podcasts continue to increase


The Swedish market for paid podcasts is growing rapidly. In the first quarter of 2023, a record number of households paid for podcast content. Compared to the same period last year, households spend on paid podcasts has nearly doubled. This is concluded in Mediavision’s latest analysis of the Swedish audio market.


In Sweden, an increasing number of people both listen to and pay for podcasts. During the first quarter of the year, a sharp increase in paying households is noted, which results in major growth in turnover for the podcast market. Over half a million households paid for podcasts during the first quarter of the year, or 230,000 more than the same period last year. Paid podcasts are either subscription services (usually with multiple titles) or specific titles paid through, for example, Patreon. It is primarily payments of specific titles that has increased; here, the number of paying households has more than doubled in one year. This means that household spend on podcasts has almost doubled in one year. The average monthly spend for podcasts across all households now amounts to around SEK 9. Note that this figure does not include payments for services such as Spotify, where podcasts are included.



Read up on the full press release here, with commentary from Mediavision’s senior analyst Fredrik Liljeqvist.


For the rest of the Nordics, Denmark and Norway have the same share of households paying for podcasts as Sweden, 12 percent in terms of household penetration. Finland is slightly below with 8 percent of households paying for podcasts.

Insikt: Ljudmarknad

This analysis provides in-depth understanding of the entire audio market – including audiobooks, music, podcasts, and radio. The analysis focuses on the digital transformation of both listening and consumer payments, on both aggregated and actor specific levels.


Podimo and Bauer Media enters strategic cooperation


New York Times launches a new app for audio journalism


Apple brings concert discovery features to Apple Music


YouTube is bringing 30-second unskippable ads to TVs



The 2023 Ice Hockey World Championship intensifies


The 2023 Ice Hockey World Championship, co-hosted by Tampere, Finland, and Riga, Latvia, is approaching its final phase. The big Nordic hockey nations Finland and Sweden have smoothly advanced to the playoffs. Denmark came close to securing a historic playoff spot and Norway achieved a sensational victory against Canada, but unfortunately, both nations missed the playoffs. The tournament is broadcasted by TV2 in Denmark, C More in Finland, Viaplay in Norway and SVT in Sweden.



Ice hockey generates high interest in the Nordic region, though there are some variations between the countries. In Denmark and Norway, interest is comparatively lower, with approximately 7 percent of individuals aged 15-74 expressing interest in watching the sport, and around 4 percent state interest in the specific tournament.


Despite Sweden’s victory over Finland in the group finals, Finland surpasses Sweden in terms of interest. In Finland, ice hockey reigns as the most popular sport, with 37 percent of 15-74-year-olds expressing interest in viewing the sport compared to 24 percent of interest in Sweden (surpassed by football as the most popular sport). The World Championship also garners the highest viewing interest among tournaments in Finland with a rate of 30 percent (compared to 16 percent in Sweden).


Mediavision’s Sports Analysis 2023 will be published shortly. The 2023 edition covers 19 sports and over 100 leagues/tournaments. The analysis offers a comprehensive overview of the most important KPIs related to consumer preferences and sports viewing behaviour. For more information, please contact

Sports Analysis

For the fifth consecutive year, Mediavision presents the Sports Analysis. The analysis provides a comprehensive overview of the current Nordic sports rights market and an in-depth analysis of consumer interest, willingness to pay and pay rate. It covers 19 sports and +100 specific sports rights.


TV 2 Denmark renew rights to the ATP Tour


Bonnier News & Gota Media acquire rights to SBL


Apple TV officially launches its multiview feature for sports fans


Scanbox buys the rights to Danish bestselling novel



Skyshowtime announce its first Nordic original


Last September, the streaming service Skyshowtime launched in the Nordics. Now, it has announced its first Nordic original. The streaming service’s CEO Monty Sarhan announced 10 new original series at the Festival de Cannes this weekend, including shows in each of its regions of Central & Eastern Europe, Iberia, and the Nordics.


The first Nordic original from Skyshowtime is called Codename: Annika. The drama series is a Finnish-Swedish production that revolves around Finnish art-fraud investigator Emma, who goes undercover to infiltrate an auction house in Stockholm, to investigate the firm’s connection to a notorious money launderer. The series will be launched on Skyshowtime later this year.


The streaming service debuted in the Nordics last September by launching across Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Skyshowtime launched in Andorra and Spain in late February this year, completing its expansion across Europe.

Insight: Nordic TV & Streaming

This analysis covers both the TV- and streaming markets in the Nordic countries. It rests on three pillars: the consumers, the market, and the actors. Analyzing the consumers takes us far – but not all the way. Studying the actors and the market as a whole is just as important.


Netflix starts account sharing crackdown in the Nordics


Max launched in the US yesterday…


and will launch in the Nordics next year


Netflix’s ad plan has nearly five million monthly active users


SVT is making a drama series about businessman Jan Stenbeck


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Industry Events


Copenhagen Future TV Conference, 7 June 2023, Copenhagen, Denmark**


Stockholm Film Festival: 8-19 November 2023, Stockholm, Sweden


* Mediavision will attend
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