Newsletter 20th of March


20 March 2024

These are the main topics this week:

  • Next on Netflix and Prime Video from the Nordics
  • LinkedIn plans to add gaming to its platform
  • Spotify launches music videos and presents annual music economics report


Next on Netflix and Prime Video from the Nordics


This past week, both Amazon Prime Video and Netflix held press events in Stockholm, presenting upcoming local Nordic content on their services. Both streaming services showcased cased extensive Nordic lineups for the upcoming years, with both new titles and renewals.


Amazon Prime Video has mainly presented unscripted investments in the Nordics up until now. This will continue with new seasons of LOL: Laughing Out Loud in both Norway and Sweden. Reality series Bingo and Julia (Swedish) and Girls of Oslo (Norwegian) have also been renewed for second seasons, as well as a new Danish reality show called Roast on the Coast. Apart from these titles, several new scripted series were presented as well, among others, Swedish drama series Blindspår and Vaka.



On Monday, Netflix announced a slate of 26 upcoming Nordic titles, including 12 brand new titles. A few of the new Nordic titles presented were a Norwegian series about Harry Hole, written by Jo Nesbø, a series adaption of Amanda Romare’s novel Diary of a Ditched Girl and a film adaption of Alex Ahndoril’s The Key Series. New standalone sequels were also presented to the Nordic series The Chestnut Man and Barracuda Queens.


Both Amazon Prime Video and Netflix have recently acquired titles from Viaplay, which were included in the lineups. For Netflix, it’s the Norwegian series Pörni as well as the Swedish Ronja the robber’s daughter. Earlier this year, Amazon Prime Video announced the acquisition of a total of nine titles from Viaplay. Among these, five are Norwegian, two are Danish, and two are Swedish.

Insight: Nordic TV & Streaming

 This analysis covers both the TV- and streaming markets in the Nordic countries. It rests on three pillars: the consumers, the market, and the actors. Analyzing the consumers takes us far – but not all the way. Studying the actors and the market as a whole is just as important.


Prime Video and MrBeast announce “largest game show in history”


Allente expands partnership its content catalog


Sport Live extends Danish boxing rights


Rakuten expands FAST channel portfolio




LinkedIn plans to add gaming to its platform


Microsoft-owned social platform LinkedIn is primarily a platform for people looking to network and pick up knowledge for professional purposes. It is also a popular choice for recruitment and the platform now has more 1 billion users worldwide. The company is now looking to boost the time users spend on the platform by breaking into a new area, gaming.


A spokesperson for LinkedIn has confirmed that a gaming experience is in the works. “We’re playing with adding puzzle-based games within the LinkedIn experience to unlock a bit of fun, deepen relationships, and hopefully spark the opportunity for conversations,” the spokesperson said to TechCrunch.

LinkedIn’s owner, Microsoft, is a gaming giant. Its gaming business, which includes Xbox, Activision Blizzard and ZeniMax, brought in USD 7.1 billion in revenues last quarter, surpassing Windows revenues for the first time. The LinkedIn spokesperson declined to say how and if Microsoft is involved in the gaming project at LinkedIn.



Several media outlets have tapped into gaming in recent years. For example, The New York Times acquired the viral hit game Wordle in 2022, which is now part of a bigger platform of online puzzles and games developed by the newspaper. Another example is Netflix, which continues to invest in its games area. The streaming giant continuously adds new games to its portfolio, with the latest addition made just a few weeks ago.


Another example is Facebook, which has been a major driver of social gaming over the years. However, in 2022 it shut down its standalone gaming app because of declining usage. Nowadays, Facebook’s parent company Meta is putting significantly more focus on mixed reality experiences and its Meta Quest business.


Gaming is a growing media category in the Nordics as well. Mediavision’s insights show that by the end of last year, over 20 percent of the Nordics households had at least one paid gaming subscription.


EU votes through unique AI law


Apple acquires AI startup


Tiktok is one step closer to being stopped in the US


BBC News launches FAST channel in the US



Spotify launches music videos and presents annual music economics report


Last week, audio giant Spotify launched music videos in beta for Premium users across 11 markets. Sweden is the only Nordic country included in the launch, together with Brazil, Germany and UK, among others.

Spotify calls music videos “another way to enhance the artist-to-fan connection”, referring to other initiatives that has been made in that area, such as merchandise shops, artist bios and live events. Charlie Hellman, Vice President and Head of Music Product at Spotify, says music videos “are an important part of so many artists’ tool kits, and it’s a natural fit for them to live in the same place that more than half a billion people choose to listen to music.”

The music video feature is available on iOS, Android, desktop, and TV devices for users in the selected markets. For songs where a music video is available, users can switch between only audio and video. The beta version of music videos consists of a limited catalog, including global artists like Ed Sheeran, Doja Cat, and Ice Spice. Spotify says that they will continue to innovate and iterate this beta launch based on feedback from both users and artists


Yesterday, Spotify also presented its annual music economics report, Loud & Clear, including figures for 2023. Spotify has already announced a few of the stats, such as the total payout from Spotify to the music industry exceeding USD 9bn last year. The payout from Spotify has nearly tripled over the past six years.

Furthermore, Spotify announced that 66,000 artists generated more than USD 10k each of Spotify payouts in 2023, up from 57,000 the previous year. The company highlights the comparison to 2017, which is the first year this data was analyzed. Back then, there were approximately 23,400 artists reaching the USD 10k limit, hence, the total has nearly tripled since then.

Spotify also digs into the tier of artists generating USD 1M or more. Notably, only 20 percent of those 1,250 artists had a song appearing in Spotify’s top 50 of its Daily Global Songs chart this year. 80 percent of them – around 1,000 – never appeared on that chart. Spotify states that as a rule of thumb, artists approaching USD 1 million per year have around 4-5 million monthly listeners or 20-25 million monthly streams. Data also reveal that artists generating USD 1M+ started their careers in 2010 or later, indicating that the artists are not just classic, generation-spanning artists.

Insikt Ljudmarknad

This analysis provides in-depth understanding of the entire audio market – including audiobooks, music, podcasts, and radio. The analysis focuses on the digital transformation of both listening and consumer payments, on both aggregated and actor specific levels.


TV 2 enters into a podcast collaboration with Podimo


Radiosporten on Sveriges Radio launch hockey podcast


Audible to launch a new royalty model


Sports Illustrated is saved by the bell


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Industry Events


MIPTV: 15-17 April 2024, Cannes, France


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